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"Working in an area that has a significant number of private landlords, a network that simplifies housing and welfare benefit issues and looks at how landlords can maximise their rental income, particularly during the credit crunch, is invaluable and represents excellent value for money. Using the guidance, tips and best practice provided by LIN effectively, means the membership fee is a drop in the ocean compared to the significant savings made through understanding the complexities and loopholes of the benefits system, from a landlords perspective."

Julie Marsh
Head of Neighbourhood Management,
South Liverpool Homes

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TSB adds to its BTL mortgage range

05 April, 2019

TSB has launched new buy-to-let remortgage products within its intermediary range, with rates now starting from 1.59%

'It's going to be our little paradise': can co-ops solve the housing crisis?

05 April, 2019

For many people, bouncing between shoddy, overpriced house-shares is a fact of life. But there is a ready-made answer: the humble housing co-op

Nearly one in seven Britons could live alone by 2039, study shows

05 April, 2019

ONS also says those already on own are less financially secure than couples without children

Study found universal credit causing hardship a year and half ago

04 April, 2019

Joint DWP and HMRC report was released on Thursday but dated November 2017

Households below average income: 1994/95 to 2017/18

01 April, 2019

Statistics on the number and percentage of people living in low income households for financial years 1994/95 to 2017/18.

DWP Alternative Payment Arrangements

01 April, 2019

Universal Credit prepares claimants for the world of work in which 75% of employees are paid monthly

June 2018:Universal Credit landlord engagement newsletter

06 July, 2018

We regularly update our information for landlords, read the up-to-date version of the Universal Credit & Rented Sector Housing Guide and use the latest UC47 form to request payment of rent from tenant's Universal credit

Rightmove House Price Index

18 June, 2018

The largest monthly sample of residential property prices

Homelessness code of guidance for local authorities

23 February, 2018

Guidance on how local authorities should exercise their homelessness functions in accordance with the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 from 3 April 2018.

More detail on £1.5 billion package of support for Universal Credit

24 November, 2017

More details of the £1.5 billion package of support for Universal Credit were set out today by David Gauke, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Autumn Budget 2017 25 things you need to know

23 November, 2017

The Chancellor has presented his Budget to Parliament - here's a summary of what was announced.


23 November, 2017

The United Kingdom has a bright future.


15 September, 2017

New housing supply continues to fall behind new household growth across Great Britain.

UK House Price Index (HPI) for July 2017

13 September, 2017

The UK House Price Index shows house price changes for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Housebuilding boom front and centre for resumed parliament

04 September, 2017

The need for new homes and where they can be built now seen as crucial to government strategy beyond Brexit.

LIN press release - DHP underspend 2015-16

13 July, 2016

LIN press release

LIN Press Release - Evaluation of the Universal Support delivered locally trials

08 July, 2016

This report presents findings from the evaluation of the 'Universal Support - delivered locally' trials, which ran in eleven areas of Great Britain between September 2014 and August/November 2015

LIN Press Release - Right to Rent being extended across England from 1 February 2016

20 October, 2015

LIN Press Release - Right to Rent being extended across England from 1 February 2016

LIN Press Release - New Discretionary Housing Payments Guidance (DHP)

14 August, 2015

A local authority's decision to take the care component of disability living allowance when assessing DHP's was unlawful, the high court has said

LIN Press Release

22 May, 2015

A home without a household

LIN Press Release - Third Party Deductions For Rent Arrears - Important Announcement

14 November, 2014

Third Party Deductions For Rent Arrears - Important Announcement

LIN Press Release - Universal Credit and Credit Unions - DWP update

26 August, 2014

Universal Credit & Credit Unions - Update statement from the DWP

HB Direct

01 August, 2014

Issue 151 - August 2014

HB G7/2014

18 July, 2014

Contains information on DHP and PIP

LIN Press Release: Discretionary Housing Payment Underspend

25 June, 2014

More than £20 million specifically earmarked to help people adapt to welfare reforms was not spent by local authorities last year

Expert highlights opportunity to develop fairer welfare system and tackle poverty

24 April, 2014

The SNP has welcomed an intervention in the referendum debate highlighting Scotland's potential to tackle poverty

allpay reveals housing procurement trends at NHF Housing Finance 2014

19 March, 2014

Research into housing procurement trends by allpay


17 March, 2014

Housing Benefit Bulletin G3/2014


11 March, 2014

Housing Benefit Circular

LIN Press Release - Housing Benefit Prior to Occupation

07 March, 2014

R v LB Lewisham and the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, ex parte Mahmoudi - Housing Benefit Prior to Occupation

Universal Credit: New claimant figures

19 February, 2014

New figures show 3,610 people claimed Universal Credit up to 30 November 2013

LIN Press Release - Removal of the spare room subsidy

13 February, 2014

Changes to the Housing Benefit Regulations for pre-1996 tenants

£165m fund to help housing benefit claimants

30 January, 2014

Councils will receive £165 million to support vulnerable claimants who might need extra support next year (2014 to 2015)

HB A24/2013

19 December, 2013

Housing Benefit: 2014-15 Uprating

HB A23/2013

17 December, 2013

Benefit cap: dual cases in different local authorities

LIN Press Release - Judicial Review on the Benefit Cap

05 November, 2013

HB Bulletin - Judicial Review on the Benefit Cap

LIN Press Release - Removal of the spare room subsidy

24 September, 2013

Urgent bulletin - Removal of the spare room subsidy - First-tier Tribunal cases

LIN Press Release - Spare room subsidy: funding update

30 July, 2013

DWP Spare room subsidy: funding update

LIN press release - Universal Credit will expand to 6 new Jobcentres starting from October 2013

10 July, 2013

Ministers set out the next stage of the roll out for Universal Credit following the successful launch in April

LIN Press Release - Freud: Universal Credit protection for tenants and landlords

28 June, 2013

Universal Credit and Direct Payments information

LIN Press Release - Direct Payment projects extended for 6 months

16 May, 2013

DWP Direct Payment Projects extended for 6 months

LIN Press Release - information for private and social sector landlords

25 March, 2013

Changes to the size criteria for approved foster carers and parents of armed forces personnel

LIN Press Release - Partial U-turn over bedroom tax

12 March, 2013

Partial U-turn over bedroom tax announced by Iain Duncan Smith

LIN Press Release - Information on Direct payment of Universal Credit Housing costs direct to landlords

15 February, 2013

Universal Credit (UC) - Guidance on Personal Budgeting Support

LIN Press Release - Universal Credit (UC)

11 February, 2013

The local support services framework for the government's flagship welfare reform, Universal Credit, states it will be up to the DWP to make exceptions to normal payment rules such as paying the housing element of the credit to landlords

LIN Press release - Universal Credit Service Charges

09 January, 2013

Universal Credit service charges - guidance for landlords

LIN Press Release - Benefit Cap news

21 December, 2012

Benefit Cap news: Phased roll-out

LIN Press release - Direct payment pilots report increased arrears

17 December, 2012

Landlords testing direct payment of benefit failed to collect 8 per cent of rent on average in the first four months of the six pilot projects

LIN Press release - Update on Universal Credit

20 September, 2012

Update on Universal Credit - includes information on supported housing, UC payment frequency, self-employed and budgeting accounts

LIN Press release - Evaluation of the Direct Payment Demonstration Projects

09 August, 2012

Evaluation of the Direct Payment Demonstration Projects- Emerging Learning

LIN Press release - DWP model documents

01 August, 2012

Support for Housing Benefit claimants to meet any rent shortfall - model documents

LIN press release - HB Direct and Service charges

24 July, 2012

Information on Housing Benefit Direct and Service Charges under Universal Credit

LIN press release - Under occupation and under-35's

16 April, 2012

LIN press release and information leaflet

LIN press release - What's new for the Private Sector in the Government's housing strategy?

22 November, 2011

LIN press release - What's new for the Private Sector in the Government's housing strategy?

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