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"Working in an area that has a significant number of private landlords, a network that simplifies housing and welfare benefit issues and looks at how landlords can maximise their rental income, particularly during the credit crunch, is invaluable and represents excellent value for money. Using the guidance, tips and best practice provided by LIN effectively, means the membership fee is a drop in the ocean compared to the significant savings made through understanding the complexities and loopholes of the benefits system, from a landlords perspective."

Julie Marsh
Head of Neighbourhood Management,
South Liverpool Homes

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Publication - Checklists

Best practice guides designed to support landlords renting to tenants in receipt of welfare benefits

LIN Welfare Benefits Rates Card 2019-20

09 May, 2019

The benefit rates for 2019-2020

Benefit rates 2018-19

03 April, 2018

The benefit rates for 2018-2019

LIN member report December 2017 - General Data Protection Regulation An Overview

15 December, 2017

LIN member report by Kevin McCready

Fire, Gas and Carbon Monoxide Safety Regulations:

15 July, 2016

What English social landlords need to know

Adapting neighbourhood management for Universal Credit

15 September, 2015

In the days of austerity Ashton Pioneer Homes have learned valuable lessons as the first pathfinder for Universal Credit

Universal Credit : priorities for action

30 July, 2015

Social Security Advisory Committee

Direct Payments Demonstration Projects Landlord Learning Document

01 April, 2014

This publication pulls together key issues and learning that the organisations involved collectively agree on and also provides practical examples.

Bedroom Tax Toolkit

20 February, 2014

Coast and Country Housing Association Bedroom Tax appeal toolkit

Universal Credit: guidance for local authorities on implementation

16 December, 2013

Key Questions and Answers for Local Authorities

Superstrike Ltd vs. Marino Rodrigues

24 October, 2013

Guidance on the implications of the Court of Appeal judgment

Red alert

26 September, 2013

The shooting of a housing employee during an eviction in July highlighted the dangers front line workers face in the line of duty

The biggest turn-offs for prospective renters and housebuyers

21 August, 2013

Noisy neighbours named as the most off-putting factor for people looking for a new property

Property tips for landlords

13 August, 2013

Experienced landlord, Phil Spencer, and the Telegraph's Christopher Middleton offer up their top tips for investing in the buy-to-let market

Universal Credit toolkit for partner organisations

10 May, 2013

A toolkit to inform partner organisations about Universal Credit and to help them explain the changes to claimants

Discretionary Housing Payments Guidance Manual

05 April, 2013

April 2013 Good Practice Guide for DHP's

LIN Member Report April 2013 - Bedroom Tax Appeals

02 April, 2013

This LIN member report is written by Claire Turner

Universal Credit toolkit for partner organisations

25 March, 2013

This toolkit is for organisations, particularly those in the Pathfinder locations, to inform them about Universal Credit and to help explain the changes that Universal Credit will bring

The Personal Independence Payment (PIP) toolkit for support organisations

12 March, 2013

DWP Toolkit - information to individuals and organisations that support DLA claimants. It equips you to offer advice on PIP or direct claimants to other sources of help

Occupancy Analyser

11 March, 2013

Wirral Partnership Homes has launched a new 'occupancy analyser' toolkit to help assess the financial impact of the bedroom tax on its future income

New ruling on letting agents fees

07 March, 2013

The Advertising Standards Agency has ruled that letting agents must make their full fees clear in the quoted price of all rental properties

Challenging Times, Changing Lives

22 February, 2013

Welfare reforms will fail to result in positive changes unless the government and social landlords increase support services for tenants, Riverside study warns

LIN Press Release - Information on Direct payment of Universal Credit Housing costs direct to landlords

15 February, 2013

Universal Credit (UC) - Guidance on Personal Budgeting Support

Universal Credit

14 February, 2013

Guidance on personal budgeting support

Universal Credit - Local support services framework

11 February, 2013

The Local support services framework states it will be up to the DWP to make exceptions to normal payment rules such as paying the housing element of Universal Credit direct to landlords

LIN Press Release - Universal Credit (UC)

11 February, 2013

The local support services framework for the government's flagship welfare reform, Universal Credit, states it will be up to the DWP to make exceptions to normal payment rules such as paying the housing element of the credit to landlords

Under-occupation and the new policy framework

04 February, 2013

Report by the Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research

Set in place solid foundations - Then tackle the myriad of welfare reforms

28 January, 2013

LIN complimentary report for landlords

landlords should get systems in place before Universal Credit

25 January, 2013

Here Claire Turner, director of LIN, argues that landlords should take steps to prepare for Universal Credit before payments are made direct to tenants

Universal Credit Calculator

15 January, 2013

Policy in Practice Universal Credit Calculator

STAR benchmarking service

10 January, 2013

Summary of findings 2011/12

Six steps to improve digital inclusion in 2013

10 January, 2013

Getting residents online is now more important than ever. Follow six simple stages to help this transition

Private rented housing: providing stability and affordability for renters and families

10 December, 2012

Labour is calling on private landlords to offer longer-term tenancies and predictable rents to enable families to plan their finances more effectively

The Financial Implications of Welfare Reform for Social Housing Landlords

04 December, 2012

The viability of dozens of housing associations is at risk from the financial impact of welfare reform - report from PHHS

Carbon Monoxide Awareness week

20 November, 2012

As part of Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, the National Landlords Association is reminding all landlords of the dangers of carbon monoxide and to check their appliances as winter draws in

Communications for smaller housing associations

09 November, 2012

New NHF guide illustrates how smaller housing associations can communicate effectively, whatever their resources

Knock, knock

09 November, 2012

Who's there? This is the question Aspire Housing is asking tenants during visits to their homes to find out who will be hit by the bedroom tax next April

The cost of running a home

06 November, 2012

A guide from Wolverhampton Homes which aims to give an idea of those costs that tenants will have to budget for when running their own home

PDF: Lost benefits - An article from February 2004

05 November, 2012

Disturbing results from a trial of direct housing benefit payments mean the government should think long and hard before applying the reform to the social sector

Bedroom Tax Guidance

05 November, 2012

CIH Scotland - This practice guidance is aimed primarily at Scottish social landlords - i.e. local authority landlords and registered social landlords

Why digital exclusion is a social care issue

17 October, 2012

As our society becomes increasingly digitalised, figures reveal a large proportion of those not online have a disability or are elderly

Green Deal Quick Guides

15 October, 2012

Quick guides on the Green Deal are available for householders, owners, tenants and landlords

How to - Help tenants manage their money

27 September, 2012

CIH guide for housing staff

Electrical Fire Safety Week

26 September, 2012

In support of Electrical Fire Safety Week, the NLA’s fire safety advice and guidance will be free to access during September

Advice for university landlords and top tips for students

20 September, 2012

A reminder for university landlords to protect their tenants' deposits as students embark on the new academic year

LIN Member Report September 2012 - Case Study - Helping Landlords to prepare for Welfare Reform

13 September, 2012

This LIN member report is written by Claire Turner and Peter Hall

App launched to end deposit disputes

04 September, 2012

A homelessness charity in Scotland has launched a smartphone application developed to end deposit disputes between tenants and landlords

Advice on dealing with squatters in your home

04 September, 2012

This publication is aimed at informing property owners about the new offence and the procedures for regaining possession of their properties from squatters

Publicising discretionary hardship fund criticised

17 August, 2012

A call on councils to more aggressively promote a hardship fund by the Department for Work and Pensions has been criticised

Feeling the strain - DHPs

17 August, 2012

An in-depth look at the system of Discretionary Housing Payments by Keith Cooper, Inside Housing

DWP opportunities for local partnership working

16 August, 2012

DWP aspire to join up public services such as health, housing, transport, employment and skills to help local people back into work

Benefit cap

14 August, 2012

Frequently asked questions for local authorities

LIN Member Report August 2012 - Welfare Reform Case Study - Vela Group

13 August, 2012

This LIN member report is written by Claire Turner, Lynn McPartlin and Anthony Scarre.

LIN Press release - Evaluation of the Direct Payment Demonstration Projects

09 August, 2012

Evaluation of the Direct Payment Demonstration Projects- Emerging Learning

DHPs - Public Consultation

02 August, 2012

Consultation seeking views on the Discretionary Housing Payments guidance manual. Consultation closing date 31.8.12

LIN Press release - DWP model documents

01 August, 2012

Support for Housing Benefit claimants to meet any rent shortfall - model documents

A quick guide to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for support organisations and advisers

01 August, 2012

DLA will be replaced by PIP for people of working age from 8 April 2013, even if they have an indefinite or lifetime award

How to - Reduce underoccupation

06 July, 2012

CIH good practice Guide

Housing Association and Welfare Rights Best Practice Guide

01 July, 2012

Scottish Federation Of Housing Association publication

LIN Memebr Report June 2012 - Making it Fit: a guide to preparing for the social sector size criteria

13 June, 2012

Toolkit published to help landlords prepare for the bedroom tax

Benefit cap

06 June, 2012

DWP on-line Benefit Cap Calculator

Benefits Rates Card

09 May, 2012

From April 2012 - 2013

Income and Expenditure form

03 May, 2012

Complete an income and expenditure form to ensure that income exceeds expenditure and a tenant has enough excess income to pay any rent shortfall

Housing association's guide to Work Programme success

30 April, 2012

The Government's £5bn Work Programme has received mixed reviews from the housing associations and charities involved, but Bromford Housing Group believes it can be a success

How to demonstrate value for money in social housing

12 April, 2012

One Vision Housing recommends giving staff and tenants a role in scrutinising value for public money

How to consider new approaches to allocations and lettings

12 April, 2012

CIH briefing - guidance on core areas of housing management helping overcome the challenges associated with putting current policy changes into practice

Tax Credit: Not working with children

05 April, 2012

Entitlement Table

Working Tax Credit - Detail

05 April, 2012

Entitlement table

Tax credit - working under 16 hours with children

05 April, 2012

Entitlement table

Tax credit - with a disability

05 April, 2012

Entitlement table

Tax credit - aged over 25 and no disability

05 April, 2012

Entitlement Table

Tenant panels guide to be published

04 April, 2012

The National Tenant Organisations (NTOs) are to launch a tenant panels' guide

Tackling Tenancy Fraud and Data Sharing

15 March, 2012

Report by the Chartered Institute of Housing

Right to Buy - at a glance

12 March, 2012

Key points on the Right to Buy scheme

NewBuy - at a glance

12 March, 2012

Overview of the main points of the NewBuy scheme

Working with the private rented sector to tackle youth homelessness

02 March, 2012

Crisis' publication identifies effective ways in which agencies support young homeless or vulnerably housed people to access and sustain PRS accommodation

Guidance for landlords

01 March, 2012

Electrical Safety Council (ESC) guidance for landlords outlines the simple steps landlords can take to ensure the electrical safety of their properties

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit Good Practice Guide

01 March, 2012

DWP Good Practice Guide

How to find a Good Landlord

29 February, 2012

The NLA has compiled a list of the top things a tenant should look for when they are searching for the ideal landlord

Top 10 tips Toolkit - Added Value Marketing

30 January, 2012

Marketing top tips for housing organisations from the Word Association

Regeneration to enable growth:

13 January, 2012

A toolkit supporting community-led regeneration

Landlord puts family of eight 'at risk' over gas safety failure

11 January, 2012

A landlord has been fined after he failed to make sure gas safety checks were carried out at a house in Blackburn, putting a family of eight at risk

Tenant Checks are not an optional extra

18 November, 2011

Landlords are reminded to carry out background checks on potential tenants before letting their properties.

Pension Credit Toolkit

27 October, 2011

This new tool provides details about pension credit and has tools to help explain the credit to pensioners

Disclosure Consent Form

24 May, 2011

Form authorising a landlord to discuss a tenants claim for HB with the housing benefit department

Information sheet for tenants

01 May, 2011

Useful landlord letting form


01 May, 2011

Useful landlord letting form

Landlord annual checklist

01 May, 2011

Useful landlord letting form

Landlord pre-tenancy checklist

01 May, 2011

Useful landlord letting form

Access to DWP Services

01 March, 2011

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is responsible for welfare and pension policy and is a key player in tackling child poverty.

Attendance Allowance (AA) Hints and Tips

01 March, 2011

AA is a tax-free benefit for people aged 65 or over who need someone to help look after them because they are physically or mentally disabled

Carers Allowance and Carers Credit

01 March, 2011

CA is a taxable benefit for people who are looking after or supporting a friend, relative or neighbour, for 35hours a week or more

How to access benefits via Directgov

01 March, 2011

Directgov is the Government’s main, on-line and preferred method of providing information and guidance.

State Pension and Pension Credit

01 March, 2011

The SP is a regular payment people can claim when they get to SP age. Most people build up some SP, but the amount they get varies.

How to access DWP forms and leaflets

01 March, 2011

The DWP are working towards making more applications available on line.

Preparing customers for contact with DWP

01 March, 2011

Visit Directgov and use the Benefit Advisor to check which benefits the customer may be entitled to and obtain estimates of benefits, tax credits or pensions.

Face to face services

01 March, 2011

Teleclaims service

01 March, 2011

Claims for State Pension (SP) and Pension Credit (PC) can be made using the dedicated teleclaim service.

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Hints and Tips

01 March, 2011

DLA is a tax-free benefit for disabled children and adults under age 65. It is an “in work” benefit, and is not affected by income or savings.

Working with Partnership Managers

01 March, 2011

To establish partnerships which are beneficial to our shared customers and our respective organisations.

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