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" Working in an area that has a significant number of private landlords, a network that simplifies housing and welfare benefit issues and looks at how landlords can maximise their rental income, particularly during the credit crunch, is invaluable and represents excellent value for money. Using the guidance, tips and best practice provided by LIN effectively, means the membership fee is a drop in the ocean compared to the significant savings made through understanding the complexities and loopholes of the benefits system, from a landlords perspective."

Julie Marsh
Head of Neighbourhood Management,
South Liverpool Homes

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Publication - Top Tips

Guidance for landlords on how to maximise income within the housing benefits system in order to minimise arrears

Online guides will help renters and leaseholders to know their rights

27 June, 2018

New 'how to' guides include checklists for new and existing tenants, landlords and letting agents

Arhag needs landlords for Syrian refugees

26 June, 2018

Specialist association offering incentives including carrying out and funding repairs and guaranteed monthly rental income for 3-5 years

Private Renting: Can social landlords help?

30 January, 2018

Report by LSE Housing and Communities

LIN member report December 2017 - General Data Protection Regulation An Overview

15 December, 2017

LIN member report by Kevin McCready

Smoke alarms 'fail to wake children'

23 February, 2017

Forensic scientists and fire investigators have warned that smoke alarms may not wake children

New budgeting support for Universal Credit claimants

13 February, 2017

Free online support to help Universal Credit claimants with their personal finances has been launched.

Top award for groundbreaking council project tackling homelessness

02 August, 2016

A Croydon Council initiative that has helped thousands of people at risk of homelessness has been named one of three winners

Hundreds of residents helped into work

28 July, 2016

The initiative, set up to support households affected by the benefit cap has been credited with turning hundreds of people's lives around

Helping hand

26 July, 2016

Social landlords have a duty to help tenants into work

Fire, Gas and Carbon Monoxide Safety Regulations:

15 July, 2016

What English social landlords need to know

The business case for affordable housing

14 July, 2016

Peabody Trust and CBI report

Garages and laundry rooms converted to flats by council

25 February, 2016

Kingston Council and the Greater London Authority have converted garages and disused laundry rooms into flats under a joint funding initiative

Universal credit: 4 top tips for housing providers

25 January, 2016

The roll-out of universal credit has been very gradual but from April job centres in every part of the country will be processing claims

NFA & ARCH Welfare Reform 2015 Analysis

07 January, 2016

NFA and ARCH survey reveals 89% of Universal Credit Claimants in rent arrears

5 top tips to keep your heating bills under control

01 October, 2015

It's beginning to get colder and that means the time to whack on the heating again is looming

Free broadband satellite dishes for remote homes

16 September, 2015

Government to launch pilot scheme to deliver universal service commitment

Project tackling fuel poverty wins 'Community Heating Project' award

16 September, 2015

Kensa Heat Pumps and Trent & Dove Housing's joint project aimed at tackling fuel poverty in 133 rural sheltered housing bungalows in Staffordshire has been awarded 'Community Heating Project of the Year'

Council taking firm action to clampdown on rent arrears bills

15 September, 2015

Barking and Dagenham Council are taking firm action to clampdown on rent arrears bills

LIN member report September 2015 - Sector Based Work Academies - Getting Tenants into Work

15 September, 2015

LIN member report written by Richard Walker

Adapting neighbourhood management for Universal Credit

15 September, 2015

In the days of austerity Ashton Pioneer Homes have learned valuable lessons as the first pathfinder for Universal Credit

Council on course to become property developer

14 September, 2015

Cambridgeshire County Council is set to be the first local authority of its kind in the UK to become a commercial property developer

North East housing provider helping tenants transition to Universal Credit

11 September, 2015

The Governments new welfare system is coming to Teesside and one local housing provider is helping their tenants get to grips with the changes

Residents helped to get online in Warrington

10 September, 2015

A new scheme that will help local people access the internet, learn new skills and access services online has been launched in Warrington.

Course helps Sheffield young people live independently

13 August, 2015

A housing scheme for vulnerable young people in Sheffield is celebrating having its very own training course nationally accredited for the first time

Council tenants set to save more than £1.4m in heating bills

13 August, 2015

Sheffield council tenants are set to save more than £1.4million on their annual heating bills through a new initiative being delivered to thousands of council homes across the city

Opinion: The right to play

30 July, 2015

Affinity Sutton has taken the decision to remove all 'No ball games' signs on its estates

Employment and Support Allowance Sanctions

30 July, 2015

Information leaflet

Opinion: Email separated but not yet divorced

21 July, 2015

How are we coping without email?

Asylum seekers with children to have support payments cut

17 July, 2015

Ministers say current UK payment system gives asylum seekers' families 'significantly more cash than necessary' to meet essential needs

£3.2 million funding to help victims of domestic violence and abuse

13 July, 2015

The government has pledged to support the victims of domestic violence and abuse through a £3.2 million fund to boost the provision of services including refuges

Key PIP mobility judgment issued

13 July, 2015

An important legal judgment has been issued that may lead to the award of the PIP mobility component to disabled people, with conditions such as depression, panic attacks or anxiety

New online toolkit launched to help landlords keep houses safe

30 June, 2015

A new online tool has been launched, aimed at making rented homes safe and legally compliant

Seven ways social landlords can prepare for universal credit

19 May, 2015

Sanctuary Housing took part in pilot tests for the government's new benefits payment system. Here are its tips on preparing for the changeover

Ten energy-saving tips for tenants that are cheap and easy to follow

16 April, 2015

You don't have to live in the dark or stop washing to save energy

Eight top tips for dealing with universal credit

08 April, 2015

The introduction of universal credit brings many changes for social landlords and tenants

Social landlord puts £8,000 into food bank

21 January, 2015

A North East social landlord has put nearly £8,000 into a food bank to help support its staffing costs and provide advice and support to people currently using the service

Six ways to reduce evictions

11 December, 2014

Evictions are at an all-time high as benefit cuts take their toll on residents. How can housing providers buck the trend and help people to stay in their homes?

Top tips on avoiding fuel poverty this year

22 September, 2014

Julian Scott from Yarlington Housing Group tells Ben McGrail how we can avoid fuel poverty and explains why they've employed two new 'energy advisors' for their residents

Universal Credit One Year In - Full Report

13 August, 2014

Report by NHF

Calculating social wellbeing

30 July, 2014

By having a standard way of calculating social impact, Affinity Sutton has worked out the value of community investment programmes compare to other projects

Eight housing apprenticeships launched in Sheffield

30 July, 2014

Sheffield City Council has launched a new apprenticeship scheme in all aspects of housing for "enthusiastic" young people

Councils failing to spend £millions in DHPs as families struggle

24 July, 2014

Local authorities are failing to spend millions of pounds that could potentially be used as emergency payments for families hit by welfare cuts

Hope for homeless families in need of Legal Aid

17 July, 2014

New ruling by the High Court has ruled that Government changes, which would have left homeless families without help, have been ruled 'unauthorised, discriminatory and impossible to justify'

Keeping rent arrears stable

14 July, 2014

By John Bryson, employment and inclusion manager, East Thames

Five tips for handling rent arrears

10 July, 2014

Experts offer their advice on how housing providers can better manage arrears and help residents struggling to pay rent

Digital exclusion is a modern social evil we can abolish

09 July, 2014

Almost 20% of the UK population still lack basic internet skills, but there's a tremendous opportunity to empower people, transform lives and support vulnerable groups

Universal Credit - Rent Arrears Form

12 May, 2014

This form is for private and social sector landlords to claim Universal Credit rent arrears

Social landlord's 'Talent Pool' gets grandmother job

25 April, 2014

A grandmother-of-three has been helped into work by her social landlord

Thamesbank and Hounslow Council Help for struggling families

25 April, 2014

Residents struggling with the impact of welfare reform will be able to get help managing their finances thanks to a partnership between Hounslow Council and Thamesbank

Discretionary Housing Payments Guidance Manual

23 April, 2014

DWP guide which includes a Local Authority Good Practice Guide - April 2014

Food for Thought

23 April, 2014

Riverside one of the UK's leading housing providers has provided £500 of funding to Gateshead Foodbank

Local partnership opportunities with Jobcentre Plus

11 April, 2014

Partnership opportunities for public and voluntary organisations to help Jobcentre Plus move people off benefits and into employment

Direct Payments Demonstration Projects Landlord Learning Document

01 April, 2014

This publication pulls together key issues and learning that the organisations involved collectively agree on and also provides practical examples.

Bedroom Tax Toolkit

20 February, 2014

Coast and Country Housing Association Bedroom Tax appeal toolkit

CIH Scotland commentary on recent bedroom tax tribunal rulings

14 February, 2014

Second revised edition - February 2014

No comfort for those in fuel poverty

14 February, 2014

Imagine living in a house so cold, you stay in bed all day just to keep warm. This is the reality for hundreds of social housing tenants

Solar panel investment to continue

12 February, 2014

A housing association has announced further plans to fit energy saving solar panels on some of its oldest properties

Buy-To-Let Borrowing Rates Dive To New Low

11 February, 2014

The rates are at their lowest since before the recession, fuelling fierce competition between landlords and would-be buyers

Housing minister: social landlords should help tenants to move

11 February, 2014

Social landlords should do more to help tenants who want to move home, Housing Minister Kris Hopkins has claimed

Free access to computers in Liverpool

11 February, 2014

In a bid to get more people online Riverside is joining forces with Imagine If Trust to provide free access to computers

Top tips for letting to benefits tenants

05 February, 2014

Following speculation that buy-to-let landlords could shun tenants on benefits after the introduction of the universal credit scheme George Spencer offers advice to landlords

DWP helps cut telephone call costs from March 2014

29 January, 2014

The Department for Work and Pensions will start to introduce alternative 0345 phone numbers for its major call lines from March 2014

Almost half of housing staff have experienced resident suicide threats

29 January, 2014

Housing officers should receive more training and support to help residents affected by welfare reforms

Landlords in the spotlight - how tenants can avoid getting stung

29 January, 2014

Landlords can run checks on potential tenants, but tenants can't do likewise. However, with a little conscientious research would-be renters can avoid some major pitfalls

One in seven over 65s consider renting spare room as they struggle to live off pensions

24 January, 2014

One in seven over 65s say they are prepared to become landlords as they struggle to live off their pensions

The bedroom tax error explained

15 January, 2014

A newly discovered bedroom tax loophole could see tens of thousands of households paid back millions in housing benefit payments. But who will be affected by it and what happens next?

DWP: 'Less than 5,000 are exempt from paying bedroom tax'

10 January, 2014

The Department for Work and Pensions said the number of housing benefit recipients who are exempt from paying the bedroom tax due to a legal loophole is estimated to be "less than 5,000"

HB Direct issue - January 2014

10 January, 2014

DWP newsletter which includes information about how people who do not have internet access at home can now find information about Universal Credit by hitting the red button on their TV remote control

Councils start to offer license fee refund

10 January, 2014

NLA Statement

How councils can prepare residents for universal credit

03 January, 2014

Findings show that 90% of Citizen's Advice clients are not ready for universal credit - so what can councils do?

Accent staff turn lottery win into 2,432 food items for Peterborough Foodbank

30 December, 2013

Staff at Peterborough housing association Accent have come up with a new idea to boost their donations for the Peterborough Food Bank this Christmas

Saving water? It's in the bag

24 December, 2013

Wrekin Housing Trust tenants will be able to save litres of water every day thanks to a simple solution

How the Discretionary Housing Payment fund has been spent by region

23 December, 2013

How the Discretionary Housing Payment fund has been spent by region - April to September 2013

Jubilant Fife mum urges more to fight 'bedroom tax'

23 December, 2013

A jubilant Fife mother and her disabled son have become the latest family to win their appeal against the so-called 'bedroom tax’

Stop the rot

23 December, 2013

Low-income households need subsidised energy costs as well as subsidised rent

How to beat the buy-now-pay-later profiteers at their own game

23 December, 2013

One housing provider has set up a cheaper alternative to buy-now-pay-later deals that carry costly mark-ups for residents

Universal Credit: guidance for local authorities on implementation

16 December, 2013

Key Questions and Answers for Local Authorities

LIN Member Report December 2013 - Indebted lives: the complexities of life in debt

27 November, 2013

Report about the nine million people in 'serious' debt across the UK

Help us stop the sanctions...

27 November, 2013

St Vincent's Housing Association campaign highlights 'unfair' benefit sanctions

Foodbank partnership to help vulnerable tenants

25 November, 2013

A housing association has gone into partnership with a food bank to help tenants struggling with debt and unemployment

Halton mulls online-only move for 90% of customers

15 November, 2013

A landlord is considering giving tenants tablets and smartphones as part of a drive to get 90 per cent of its customers online only by 2018 in a bid to cut costs in the face of welfare reform

Council offices to become food bank

15 November, 2013

Camden Council is allowing some of its empty offices to become storage facilities for food banks, meeting a rise in demand from households across the borough

Q&A: Universal credit and the benefits overhaul

07 November, 2013

The introduction of the government's flagship universal credit benefit - a new payment that marks the biggest overhaul

More than £1 million claimed for tenants

05 November, 2013

Tenants from a North East housing association are now more than £1 million better off thanks to an innovative in-house financial advice service

New approaches to market rented housing

30 October, 2013

CIH Report

Incentives would encourage bedroom tax tenants to pay up

18 October, 2013

Incentives such as vouchers for essential items and rent holidays are most likely to be effective in getting bedroom tax-hit tenants to pay rent on time

Top tips: How local government can improve its digital strategy

16 October, 2013

Our panel discuss the best way for councils to be effective online, from digital services to using social media to engage with residents

Harrow council offers social housing tenants up to £38,000 to move and buy

10 October, 2013

Home ownership grant one of London borough's downsizing incentives and illustrates scarcity of social housing in parts of UK

Local workless families to benefit from launch of new Families Programme in Peterborough

09 October, 2013

Peterborough's largest housing association has joined forces with public service provider Reed to deliver the European Social Funds' Families Programme

Where can I afford to live?

09 October, 2013

Whether you are house-hunting or just daydreaming, try using this calculator to see where in the country you could afford to live - and would it be cheaper to rent or buy?

Opinion: Let's fight back against tenancy fraud

27 September, 2013

Housing tenancy fraud costs tax payers millions each year. Here a fraud investigator at Viridian Housing, shares the initiatives that the housing association has implemented to tackle tenancy fraud

Digital champions may hold the key to empowering housing communities

26 September, 2013

This week's launch of the Digital Champions Network could be the beginning of a new era of online literacy for residents

Red alert

26 September, 2013

The shooting of a housing employee during an eviction in July highlighted the dangers front line workers face in the line of duty

House exchanges: helping tenants move into homes of their choice

25 September, 2013

Swapping homes can help overcome the barriers of housing transfers. It's easy and benefits both tenants and landlords

Massive rise in rent arrears as one in 10 admit being conned by a lodger

24 September, 2013

Research by has discovered that one in 10 letters have been conned by a lodger, with one in five renters admitting to often concealing their true identity when applying for a property

How to beat the 'bedroom tax'

19 September, 2013

Social housing tenants in Fife are using housing law from the 1980s to successfully challenge demands for extra rent under the so-called bedroom tax

DWP mulls fresh bedroom tax advice

13 September, 2013

The DWP is considering issuing fresh guidance to councils and tribunals following four successful appeals against the bedroom tax

Identity theft: keep it safe

12 September, 2013

As a landlord, your personal details - name, phone number, business and financial details, etc - will be in the public domain, so be sure to protect your identity

Benefit cuts put frontline housing staff in danger

12 September, 2013

Housing providers have become de facto enforcers of many benefit cuts and are finding themselves at greater at risk of harm

£69 million more for Start-Up Loans and New Enterprise Allowance

12 September, 2013

Extra financial support for British entrepreneurs to start a business is now available through Start-Up Loans and New Enterprise Allowance

Council's energy saving work set to save social tenants thousands

10 September, 2013

Tenants of Sandwell Council are set to collectively save over £38,000 year-on-year following the installation of energy saving features to properties by Wates Living Space

'Not enough being done' as tenancy fraud rises by 70%

10 September, 2013

A credit reference company has warned that much more needs to be done to combat tenancy fraud as new figures reveal that the number of detected cases of the crime increased by 70% in 2012

Tax paid for tenants in training

06 September, 2013

A Liverpool landlord is covering bedroom tax shortfalls for tenants to incentivise take-up of a training and employability programme

Rental Security top tips

06 September, 2013

Tips from Rightmove

Councillors call for Wonga ban

04 September, 2013

Westminster Councillors call for Wonga ban

Bristol housing charity goes into administration

04 September, 2013

A housing charity in Bristol has gone into administration prompting the local authority to step in

Elderly residents to receive lodger support under council scheme

03 September, 2013

A scheme to keep elderly people in their own homes for longer by having a lodger move in to provide low-level support is set to be introduced by the Royal Borough

Landmark ruling sees landlord pay triple deposit to tenants

03 September, 2013

A landlord has been ordered to pay his tenants three times the value of their deposit under the first use of Scotland's tenancy deposit scheme regulations

Letting to students proves academic for landlords

03 September, 2013

The NLA's latest Landlord Panel research suggests that students are amongst some of the most reliable tenants

Six Yorkshire councils block 'predator' payday lender websites

03 September, 2013

Six councils across Yorkshire are blocking access to "predatory" payday lender websites from their computers

Council calls for power to double council tax on empty homes

23 August, 2013

Camden Council is urging the government to allow it to double the council tax charge on empty properties in the borough

Cut back on fags and booze to get DHPs, council says

23 August, 2013

Edinburgh denies tenants emergency housing cash if they spend on 'luxuries'

'Speed dating' homes swap event for Oxford tenants

22 August, 2013

A 'speed dating' event is being held for council and housing association tenants in Oxford who want to swap their homes

Gumtree Scams on the Increase

22 August, 2013

A number of defrauded tenants have contacted the NLA about a new wave of scams on the online classifieds website, Gumtree

Tenants may beat 'bedroom tax' with new bathrooms

21 August, 2013

Hundreds of people who could fall victim to the "tax" are to benefit from new plans to convert spare bedrooms into bathrooms.

Why we had to go further than 'no eviction' policy

20 August, 2013

Bolton At Home Blog

Housing association pledges to rehome bedroom tax victims

20 August, 2013

A housing association has pledged to rehome anyone who goes into arrears and is evicted due to the bedroom tax

Bedroom tax safety warning

16 August, 2013

A Merseyside HA is advising staff not to display their uniforms or name badges outside work hours due to fears for their safety from bedroom tax protestors

Renters return to sharing in face of soaring costs

14 August, 2013

Large numbers of people are returning to flat-sharing after living alone or with a partner, new research has revealed

Housing association staff donate to food bank

14 August, 2013

Staff at Sanctuary Housing in Salisbury have donated food from their own kitchens to a local food bank

Councils forced to switch spending to help people hit by benefit reforms

13 August, 2013

LGA survey suggests councils will have to spend more money helping families asking for help to make ends meet

Property tips for landlords

13 August, 2013

Experienced landlord, Phil Spencer, and the Telegraph's Christopher Middleton offer up their top tips for investing in the buy-to-let market

Free lunches for Birmingham low-income family children

13 August, 2013

Children from families on low incomes are being offered free lunches during the summer holidays

Payday loan adverts banned in Plymouth city centre

13 August, 2013

Payday loan adverts have been banned from billboards and bus stops by Plymouth City Council, while Cheshire East Council has banned access to their websites from its computers

Digital Deal: 12 projects to help social tenants get online

12 August, 2013

The government's Digital Deal has provided funding for internet services and training to social housing tenants

Government funds effort to get social housing tenants online

12 August, 2013

South Essex Homes is one of twelve UK housing associations that have secured funding from the government's 'Digital Deal'

Salford residents to use phones to pay for homes

12 August, 2013

A Salford housing provider has launched a unique scheme in which its customers can help bring down the cost of their rent, simply by chatting on the phone

Scottish housing providers urge tenants to claim benefits

08 August, 2013

Two Scottish housing associations have helped their tenants claw back almost £4 million in unclaimed benefits in the last year

Payday borrowers 'could complain about lenders'

06 August, 2013

A host of payday loan customers have grounds for complaint against lenders over the way repayments were collected according to Citizens Advice

Rent controls: should they be reintroduced?

06 August, 2013

With 9 million people dependent on the private rented sector, calls for rent controls have been increasing. But what are the arguments for and against?

Housing association joins community bank

02 August, 2013

A Somerset-based housing provider has told its tenants they are set to benefit from its new partnership with a community bank

Food vouchers for hard-up tenants

02 August, 2013

Tenants of North Lincolnshire Homes who are struggling financially are being offered vouchers to exchange for three days worth of food

Charities mapping out crisis loan availability

01 August, 2013

Charities are working together to map out how different local authorities are handing out emergency loans to vulnerable people to help them with housing costs

British Gas plans to offer free power on Saturdays

01 August, 2013

British Gas has said it is planning to offer free power on Saturdays to some of its customers

Spare room subsidy: funding update

30 July, 2013

The government has announced an additional £35m in-year funding to help claimants affected by changes to housing benefit in the social sector who need extra support

Spread the word

29 July, 2013

ALMOs can play a key role in improving standards in the private rented sector

Bothered by the bedroom tax? Try speed dating

29 July, 2013

A council's speed dating experiment has proved successful in helping social housing tenants beat the bedroom tax

Housing association pledges year's support to food banks

29 July, 2013

Wulvern Housing has pledged to support two food banks for another year

Nowhere to turn? Changes to emergency support

26 July, 2013

Childrens society report

Councils lock away housing crisis funds

26 July, 2013

The scrapping of a scheme to provide emergency loans to vulnerable people is worsening homelessness, charities have warned

Upsize Downsize event

25 July, 2013

Cross Keys Homes

How to fulfil your electrical obligations and protect tenants

23 July, 2013

Electrical accidents kill one person a week and cause half of all house fires. How can you ensure your properties are safe?

Breaking free from payday loan debt

18 July, 2013

Payday Loan Survival Guide from Govan Law Centre explains how someone can break free from payday lending debts, and take control of their money and life

Find your local welfare assistance scheme

16 July, 2013

Information from the childrens society about local welfare assistance schemes across the UK

Housing association battling to keep tenants away from payday loan 'sharks'

16 July, 2013

Coast & Country Housing is launching a fair loan deal as part of an anti-extortionate lending campaign to stop tenants falling prey to payday loan companies

Landlords turn to food bank as benefit reforms hit

11 July, 2013

Two housing associations in Birmingham have reported they are sending at least one family a week to a food bank

Welfare reform: How landlords are preparing

11 July, 2013

House Exchange and CIH report

840 tonnes of furniture saved by housing association's scheme

09 July, 2013

A housing association has managed to divert 840 tonnes of furniture from ending up in landfill sites over the last eight years

Newcastle tenants hit by bedroom tax urged to take part in home swap events

08 July, 2013

Council tenants in Newcastle affected by the bedroom tax are being invited to take part in a series of home swap events across the city

Family Mosaic looks at 'whole person' to get 1,000 back to work

08 July, 2013

Family Mosaic is taking a look at the 'whole person' to get 1,000 people back to work and is encouraging the rest of the social housing sector to learn from its employment 'Boot Camp' programme

Direct Payments system

28 June, 2013

Speech by Lord Freud, Minister for Welfare Reform

Poverty and problematic debt: what can social housing providers do?

25 June, 2013

The current economic situation and planned welfare reform have led to concerns over a potential increase in problematic debt among social housing residents

Credit union in first national tie-up

25 June, 2013

More than 160,000 social tenants are set to be the first to get a financial kick-start following the Government's relaxation of "common bond" geographic credit union rules

Why councils should help teach residents to grow their own food

25 June, 2013

In tough financial times, community vegetable gardening and cooking lessons can save money, as well as improve wellbeing

Anti social residents kept off council waiting list

19 June, 2013

Slough Council may bar people who have behaved anti-socially or are 'not financially responsible' from its housing waiting list until they 'change their ways'

Landlords offered cash to help homeless people

18 June, 2013

A charitable social enterprise is offering landlords with properties to let the chance to help vulnerably housed and homeless Londoners through its private sector leasing service

Discretionary Housing Payment includes DLA

18 June, 2013

Irwin Mitchell challenge local authority's decision to take Disability Living Allowance into account when considering Discretionary Housing Payments

Bedroom can be any size for bedroom tax

18 June, 2013

West Berkshire Council rule that a bedroom is not a bedroom because it is only 49 square feet

Housing and employment services: Collaboration in a time of change

18 June, 2013

A joint publication from the Employment Related Services Association and the Federation highlighting successful partnerships between housing associations and employment support providers

Clampdown on councils using heavy-handed bailiffs

17 June, 2013

New guidelines for councils set out that they should no longer be collecting 'contractual kickbacks' from bailiffs or employing those seeking to exploit residents through 'phantom visits' or excessive fees

Landlords urged to act as 20% of properties risk becoming unlettable

14 June, 2013

Commercial and residential landlords should act now to avoid being left with unlettable properties when new energy efficiency rules come into place

Credit union accounts for all Glasgow school pupils to combat rise of payday loans

14 June, 2013

Every young Glaswegian will be given a credit union account as part of a bid to halt the rise of high-cost payday lenders, the city council has announced

Councils handed £50m to fight fuel poverty

14 June, 2013

The Scottish Government has allocated £50 million for councils to improve the energy efficiency of homes

East Lothian to pay bedroom tax bills

14 June, 2013

East Lothian Housing Association is paying the bedroom tax for some of its tenants - having developed an assistance scheme for households it feels are particularly unfairly hit

Patch work: Solving the rent equation

12 June, 2013

New research by LIN has found a direct link between arrears and the number of staff employed to collect rent. But even with smaller 'patch' sizes, housing officers are struggling to keep tenant debt under control

Will £24 PCs help Britain's poor get online?

12 June, 2013

A new Microsoft-backed scheme is aiming to get the poorest Brits online by selling refurbished laptops and PCs for as little as £24

Notting Hill's £500m private sector plan

07 June, 2013

'Housing associations need to generate extra surpluses - we have not been getting the grant levels we used to,' according to Andy Belton chief operating officer at Notting Hill Housing Group

Councils want power to negotiate private rents

07 June, 2013

Six councils want to negotiate private rents on behalf of benefit recipients and put the money saved into house building

Emergency payments cause staffing headache

07 June, 2013

Inconsistent councils put pressure on landlords over rent support

Skills selector

07 June, 2013

Housing providers are on the hunt for employees with specialist skills as a result of welfare reforms, which are putting tenants' finances and landlords' incomes under pressure

'No-eviction' policies to tackle the bedroom tax won't work

05 June, 2013

Council's would be better advised to offer practical help for low-income households than take this problematic approach

Housing group calls the Samaritans as welfare reforms take their toll

04 June, 2013

Housing group Riverside has enlisted the help of the Samaritans to train its customer service centre staff after an alarming jump in the number of calls from distressed tenants

Personal Independence Payment - guide to making a claim

04 June, 2013

Disability Rights UK has produced this guide to help you through the claiming process

Leeds council tackles bedroom tax with semantic solution

30 May, 2013

Reclassifying spare rooms as 'non-specific rooms' should help tenants in social housing avoid reduction in housing benefit

Almost a third of renters unaware of their deposit rights

30 May, 2013

Almost one in three renters are unaware of their rights under tenancy deposit protection schemes, new research from Shelter has found

Rape victim legally challenges bedroom tax

29 May, 2013

A victim of rape, assault, harassment and stalking has launched a legal challenge against the bedroom tax on the grounds it is 'discriminatory'

Ten lessons landlords should learn about the bedroom tax

29 May, 2013

Shelter Cymru's Jennie Bibbings explains the best and worst ways in which housing providers have handled the bedroom tax

Major new project to transform credit union sector

28 May, 2013

The credit union sector is set to become transformed over the next two years following the signing up of 31 credit unions to a major new project

Coventry council apologises to families told they could not appeal against 'bedroom tax' cuts to benefits

24 May, 2013

Council accepts letters to tenants were wrong after challenge by campaign group Coventry Against the Bedroom Tax

Reclassification 'will not hit rent hard'

24 May, 2013

A leading academic has claimed that landlords reclassifying their properties to protect tenants from the bedroom tax would only suffer 'very limited' losses

How can the Digital Deal help social housing providers?

24 May, 2013

Social landlords have until June 3 to bid for a share of the Digital Deal, a £400,000 government fund aimed at helping tenants get online and improving their IT skills

Bedroom Tax Snapshot

23 May, 2013

The best and the worst of landlord and local authority practice, as experienced through Shelter casework

Social landlord's new phone app has bedroom tax calculator

22 May, 2013

One vision Housing revamped smart phone app now comes with a bedroom tax calculator - so tenants can work out if their HB will be cut

Social landlords team up and offer speed-dating to tackle bedroom tax

21 May, 2013

Four housing associations in the Bristol area have teamed up to offer their tenants a housing speed-dating event, in an effort to help combat the bedroom tax

Liverpool City Council issues advice to tenants challenging the bedroom tax

20 May, 2013

Liverpool City Council is issuing guidance to help its tenants beat the bedroom tax

Three top tips for creating a successful digital inclusion strategy

20 May, 2013

A strategy is crucial in combating digital exclusion, but what should be included and how can you make it work?

Letting agents: how to protect yourself from 'cowboys'

17 May, 2013

Top tips when looking for a letting agent

Packing it in

17 May, 2013

Private landlords must now provide tenant information packs, bringing Scotland closer to a minimum standard

Seven million UK adults have never used internet

16 May, 2013

Office for National Statistics survey shows that those least likely to have gone online are the over-75s

Shelter providing free legal help for people facing eviction and repossession

15 May, 2013

Shelter Scotland has deployed two legal advisors to help people facing repossession or eviction fight their court battles - free of charge

LIN Member Report May 2013 - Direct Payments to Tenants and the Impact on Rent Arrears

13 May, 2013

This LIN member report is written by Vivienne Ashley

Council secures £2m in funding to help council tax victims

10 May, 2013

Victims of the government's welfare reforms in Birmingham will be assisted by extra funding to help with council tax costs

Universal Credit toolkit for partner organisations

10 May, 2013

A toolkit to inform partner organisations about Universal Credit and to help them explain the changes to claimants

Generation game: the return of the extended family home

10 May, 2013

How do you buy a spacious family home when money is tight? Join forces with the grandparents and double your budget. Max Davidson reports on the growing trend of multi-generational living.

Unemployed hired to build their own homes

10 May, 2013

Unemployed people will be recruited to help build their own homes under a scheme which could be rolled out across the country

Credit rating scheme to help 5.2 million tenants

10 May, 2013

Social landlords are planning to hand over rental payment data to a credit ratings giant in order to build their tenants' credit history and help them access more affordable finance

Providers warned over temporary housing plan

10 May, 2013

Housing associations pulling out of managing temporary accommodation due to benefit caps risk reducing the amount of available stock for homeless households, London Councils has warned

Westminster seals free internet deal

10 May, 2013

Westminster Council has signed a deal which will eventually roll out free internet access to more than 22,000 households

Living on a budget: Readers' stories

09 May, 2013

A recent article about how little money someone can realistically live on generated a big response from readers

High Court to consider tenants' claims against Bedroom Tax

09 May, 2013

The High Court is to consider 10 claims being brought against the government's Bedroom Tax

Landlords and agents are 'failing tenants over gas safety'

09 May, 2013

Despite the law requiring a gas safety certificate to be issued annually, Shelter says one in 10 landlords and agents have not carried out a check for more than a year

Demand for hardship fund surges

09 May, 2013

Councils across England have reported a huge surge in applications for help from an emergency hardship fund since the launch of the bedroom tax on 1 April

Extra £20m for smaller homes to 'mitigate' benefit cuts

08 May, 2013

An extra £20m will be spent on making more smaller homes available in Wales, ministers have announced

How housing providers are beating the bedroom tax

03 May, 2013

Faced with a huge increase in arrears as a result of the under-occupation penalty, some housing providers have taken major steps to protect their residents and themselves

The price is right

03 May, 2013

The Lord Justice Jackson reforms came into force on 1.4.13. The reforms affect anyone involved in court proceedings, including social landlords. Courts will now be expected to deal with cases justly and 'at proportionate cost'

Keep it in the family

03 May, 2013

Family housing association in Birmingham is tackling rising unemployment by pledging to fill 10% of its job vacancies with its own tenants

Landlords to get benefits of tenants in arrears

01 May, 2013

Payment of benefit will be switched back to social landlords when tenants accrue two months of arrears during universal credit 'pathfinders'

Universal Credit: Landlords to receive direct payments after two months of arrears

01 May, 2013

Housing benefit payments will be sent directly to landlords after tenants have gone into two months of arrears during the Universal Credit pathfinders

Universal Credit direct payments: Testing the water

01 May, 2013

As Universal Credit gets underway in the North West of England, Liverpool-based One Vision Housing reveal the findings of their own direct payments pilot and share some valuable lessons

Opinion: It's not too late to save struggling families from devastating cuts

01 May, 2013

Bob Taylor, chief executive of Knowsley Housing Trust argues that people must be given a sense of hope

Universal Credit and Legal Aid Means Testing

29 April, 2013

Universal Credit becomes 'passporting' benefit from April 2013

Universal credit: the essential guide

29 April, 2013

The flagship policy in the government's welfare reform programme is now being piloted & is due to go live nationally this October.

How little money can a person live on?

26 April, 2013

BBC news report about just how little money can someone realistically get by on

Social housing tenants see rise in internet and smartphone use but remain below general population

26 April, 2013

Internet access and smartphone ownership are rising among social housing tenants but usage remains considerably lower than among the population at large

Tenants asked to sign 'ambition plans'

25 April, 2013

A south west housing association is requiring new tenants to sign up to a plan to improve their lifestyle, which will be linked to their future access to housing

Second council invites applicants to buy £1 homes

25 April, 2013

A second council offering homes for £1 says it has had thousands of expressions of interest as it begins the formal application process

Housing Minister approves Council plan to help struggling tenants

25 April, 2013

Council tenants who are most affected by the changes to housing benefit could be eligible for financial help following successful lobbying from Swindon Borough Council

Social housing tenants offered recycled computers in online drive

24 April, 2013

Social housing tenants are being offered recycled computers in a drive to get more residents online

Homelessness Transition Fund

24 April, 2013

Homeless charities across England can now apply for grants of up £150k to invest in new ways of preventing and tackling rough sleeping

Edinburgh confirms no eviction policy

23 April, 2013

Edinburgh Council has adopted a 'no eviction' policy for tenants affected by the 'bedroom tax'

Hundreds interested in Stoke-on-Trent £1 homes

23 April, 2013

A council which is selling homes for £1 has recorded 600 expressions of interest as it launches its application process for the scheme

A licence to let

22 April, 2013

Are blanket licensing schemes practical - and legal? With other local authorities set to follow Newham's lead, lawyer Eamonn Hogan gives his view

Coventry libraries' online time rises for welfare tests

22 April, 2013

The amount of free internet access in Coventry's libraries has been doubled to two hours because people were struggling to complete new welfare reform online assessments in an hour

Join the E-action against the bedroom tax

19 April, 2013

Mencap has created an e-action which allows people to tell David Cameron what they think about the bedroom tax

Buy-to-let: seaside towns offer best returns

19 April, 2013

Landlords in Southampton, Blackpool and Hull achieve rental yields of almost 8% - the highest in the country

Social housing tenants paid £30 to learn about money

17 April, 2013

A housing association is offering tenants a £30 incentive to learn how to manage their personal finances.

Social landlord tries to raise shark awareness in Leicester

17 April, 2013

Riverside has teamed up with the England Illegal Money Lending Team and Leicester City Council to try to raise awareness of loan sharks in the Leicester area

Council to use HRA funds to limit bedroom tax

17 April, 2013

Swindon council has got permission from the housing minister to use money from rental income to set up a £420,000 fund to support tenants affected by welfare cuts

Greenwich Council launches job scheme for victims of benefit cuts

16 April, 2013

The Royal Borough of Greenwich claims it is the first council in the country to launch a scheme to get the families worst affected by the government's benefit cuts into work

Credit union £38 million expansion deal signed

16 April, 2013

ABCUL has been awarded a contract worth up to £38million to modernise and grow the credit union industry so it helps more people on low incomes

Government forces lettings agents to take responsibility

16 April, 2013

An amendment to protect consumers from 'rogue' lettings agents has been added to a government bill

GHA buys homes for tenants to avoid bedroom tax

16 April, 2013

Glasgow Housing Association is to buy 300 homes to allow people to avoid the government's bedroom tax

Top tips: lessons from the direct payment pilot schemes

15 April, 2013

How can you prepare for the introduction of direct payment? Our panel of experts involved in the government's pilot schemes share their advice

Council urged to limit impact of bedroom tax

15 April, 2013

Councillors in Cambridge to discuss measures to limit the impact of the 'bedroom tax' including reclassifying some properties

Housing bodies slate bedroom tax mass appeals

12 April, 2013

Chartered Institute of Housing warns campaign may risk strong cases

Investment pot to prevent homelessness

12 April, 2013

A £78,000 investment pot is being established to prevent homelessness by Richmondshire Council

Why a digital inclusion strategy is now crucial for social landlords

12 April, 2013

Changes to how benefits are accessed means housing providers will have to do more for their tenants

Knowsley saves 200 households from bedroom tax

11 April, 2013

Knowsley Housing Trust has so far succeeded in exempting up to 200 tenants from the bedroom tax

Charity wins appeal over bedroom tax for Sheffield family

10 April, 2013

A Charity has secured exemption from the 'bedroom tax' for a Sheffield family - and say others could have success too

Housing sector aiming to get tenants on the internet with 'Spring Online'

09 April, 2013

Housing providers across the UK are to help their tenants get internet access as they take part in this year's 'Spring Online' campaign

Benefit changes: Leeds City Council could 'reclassify' bedrooms

08 April, 2013

Plans to "reclassify" bedrooms in more than 800 council homes are being considered in Leeds, in response to housing benefit changes

Discretionary Housing Payments Guidance Manual

05 April, 2013

April 2013 Good Practice Guide for DHP's

Housing benefit changes may prompt return of rent collectors

05 April, 2013

Nine in 10 housing professionals predict increased arrears under universal credit, requiring landlords to rethink rent collection methods

Strike a Digital Deal to help people get online

05 April, 2013

Social landlords are urged to bid for funding to design innovative projects to help their tenants get online with the launch of Digital Deal

Sheltered housing and welfare reform

05 April, 2013

NHF Report

Council tenants can rent out spare rooms

04 April, 2013

Social housing tenants will be allowed to make thousands of pounds by renting out their spare rooms and their benefits will be unaffected, ministers have admitted

Changes to council tax on empty homes introduced this week

04 April, 2013

Information from the Empty Homes Agency Limited

Bedroom Tax: Some Home Truths

03 April, 2013

Bedroom tax could cost taxpayers more, not less, according to new NHF report

Implementation of welfare reform by local authorities (I)

03 April, 2013

Communities and Local Government Committee - Ninth Report

Implementation of welfare reform by local authorities (II)

03 April, 2013

Communities and Local Government Committee - Written Evidence: Contents ordered by the House of Commons

LIN Member Report April 2013 - Bedroom Tax Appeals

02 April, 2013

This LIN member report is written by Claire Turner

Warning: if you spend your money on fags you might lose your home

02 April, 2013

Housing associations have come under attack for 'patronising' messages over welfare reform. How should they reach tenants?

Vacant property owners to get homes renovated for free

02 April, 2013

Owners of empty homes are being given the opportunity to renovate their properties and rent them out as shared housing for people in need

Campaigners warn of IT risk of benefit changes

28 March, 2013

Benefit claimants who lack technology skills could lose out under planned changes to the benefits system, campaigners have warned.

HB/CTB A10/2013

26 March, 2013

Housing and Council Tax Benefit Circular - Changes to the size criteria for approved foster carers and parents of armed forces personnel

Universal Credit toolkit for partner organisations

25 March, 2013

This toolkit is for organisations, particularly those in the Pathfinder locations, to inform them about Universal Credit and to help explain the changes that Universal Credit will bring

LIN Press Release - information for private and social sector landlords

25 March, 2013

Changes to the size criteria for approved foster carers and parents of armed forces personnel

'Money saving expert' Martin Lewis launches financial advice service for social tenants

21 March, 2013

'Money saving expert' Martin Lewis has launched a new service to help social tenants manage their finances

Expert round up: how should housing providers use data?

18 March, 2013

Our panel of housing and technology leaders share their advice on how to capture and analyse data

Council: no tenant to be evicted over bedroom tax

18 March, 2013

A council has declared that none of its social tenants will be evicted if they cannot afford to pay the government's forthcoming bedroom tax

Going private

15 March, 2013

High house prices mean homeownership is a pipe dream for a growing number of renters. Neil Merrick examines how social landlords are generating extra income and plugging a gap in the market by moving into the PRS

Courts will fill up with tenants, lawyers warn

15 March, 2013

Lawyers expect courts to be inundated with 'thousands' of legal cases following the introduction of the government's 'bedroom tax' next month

MPs planning regulation of private rented sector

15 March, 2013

The All Party Parliamentary Group for the private rented sector is launching an inquiry into how best to regulate the industry

Keele University law students help 'legal aid gap'

14 March, 2013

One idea being trialled to help people get assistance is a community legal outreach companion scheme (CLOCK) run by Keele University's law school

my deposits reduces landlord deposit protection fees

13 March, 2013

My deposits has announced it is to reduce its fees from the 1st April

Universal credit pilots issue digital access warning

13 March, 2013

Three projects testing aspects of the government's universal credit welfare reform have warned there are serious flaws in the way people access the scheme

5 top tips to tackle the 'bedroom tax'

12 March, 2013

Information from the Bevan Foundation

Tenants affected by benefit changes get help to downsize

12 March, 2013

Tenants in Torfaen who are affected by welfare reform and are struggling to pay their rent will now find it easier to move a smaller home

Charity launches spare rooms campaign

12 March, 2013

Depaul UK is calling on UK households with spare rooms to offer them to homeless young people

Council's bedroom tax avoidance house swap event creates 200 viewing requests

12 March, 2013

Croydon Council's house swapping event has led to almost 200 requests to view properties.

LIN Press Release - Partial U-turn over bedroom tax

12 March, 2013

Partial U-turn over bedroom tax announced by Iain Duncan Smith

The Personal Independence Payment (PIP) toolkit for support organisations

12 March, 2013

DWP Toolkit - information to individuals and organisations that support DLA claimants. It equips you to offer advice on PIP or direct claimants to other sources of help

Welfare reform trial sees rent arrears rise in Torfaen

11 March, 2013

Tenants in south Wales taking part in a trial of the UK government's benefits reforms have seen rent arrears rise seven-fold to £140,000 in seven months

Occupancy Analyser

11 March, 2013

Wirral Partnership Homes has launched a new 'occupancy analyser' toolkit to help assess the financial impact of the bedroom tax on its future income

Tenants asked to sign bedroom tax disclaimer

08 March, 2013

A Liverpool-based housing association is asking tenants to sign forms that say they accept they will be hit with legal action if they don't pay their rent as a result of the 'bedroom tax'

Orbit recycles hundreds of old computers to help tenants get online

08 March, 2013

Orbit Group is recycling hundreds of old computers to help tenants get online ahead of the government's imminent welfare reforms

New ruling on letting agents fees

07 March, 2013

The Advertising Standards Agency has ruled that letting agents must make their full fees clear in the quoted price of all rental properties

Universal Credit: Proposal for Direct Payments trigger

07 March, 2013

CIH has joined forces with the National Housing Federation and Community Housing Cymru to advise the government

DWP sets date for national benefit cap roll-out

07 March, 2013

The national roll-out of the benefit cap will begin on 15th July announced the Department for Work and Pensions

Homes Under the Hammer star launches household goods re-use scheme

05 March, 2013

Martin Roberts, star of TV show Homes Under the Hammer, has launched a housing association's new household goods re-use scheme

300% rise in demand for youth emergency accommodation

04 March, 2013

Depaul UK's campaign is calling on the 7.5 million households nationwide that have spare rooms to consider making it available to a young homeless person

Nationwide to stop lending to landlords with Local Housing Allowance tenants

01 March, 2013

Mortgage provider Nationwide, which provides mortgages for over a third of the buy-to-let market, has withdrawn from lending to new landlord customers with LHA tenants

Green Deal warning for buy-to-let landlords

25 February, 2013

Buy-to-let investors will be forced to make their properties more energy-efficient or stop renting them out

Home swap service to tackle welfare reform

22 February, 2013

Social landlords are to set up a national mobility scheme to help tenants move to avoid the impact of the government’s welfare reforms and to find work

Challenging Times, Changing Lives

22 February, 2013

Welfare reforms will fail to result in positive changes unless the government and social landlords increase support services for tenants, Riverside study warns

Welfare changes: tenants get explanatory video

19 February, 2013

Hundreds of council home tenants can learn more about the Government's forthcoming welfare changes thanks to a new online film

Free IT courses for Dale & Valley Homes' customers

19 February, 2013

Council tenants in Wear Valley are being offered the chance to learn computer skills for free

LIN Press Release - Information on Direct payment of Universal Credit Housing costs direct to landlords

15 February, 2013

Universal Credit (UC) - Guidance on Personal Budgeting Support

Tenants avoid bedroom tax after Knowsley reclassifies homes

15 February, 2013

Knowsley Housing Trust is reclassifying 566 properties as smaller homes, in a move which will help tenants affected by the bedroom tax

LIN Member Report February 2013 - Universal Credit and its Implications on Rental Payments

15 February, 2013

This LIN member report is written by Leanne Tasker

Direct payments housing association: 'Welfare reforms could cost us £10m a year'

14 February, 2013

Wakefield and District HA who are taking part in the DWP Direct Payment demonstration projects says the Government's welfare reforms could end up costing it £10million a year

Tenants get lessons in IT and savings

14 February, 2013

Whitefriars Housing has teamed up with Henley College and is giving its tenants lessons in IT and how to save and manage their money

Universal Credit

14 February, 2013

Guidance on personal budgeting support

How to: undertake an equality analysis

13 February, 2013

CIH report

Birmingham to set up lettings agent

11 February, 2013

Birmingham Council plans to launch a social lettings agency to provide access to private rented property to people in housing need

Universal Credit - Local support services framework

11 February, 2013

The Local support services framework states it will be up to the DWP to make exceptions to normal payment rules such as paying the housing element of Universal Credit direct to landlords

LIN Press Release - Universal Credit (UC)

11 February, 2013

The local support services framework for the government's flagship welfare reform, Universal Credit, states it will be up to the DWP to make exceptions to normal payment rules such as paying the housing element of the credit to landlords

Would you like a new house in your life? Try speed dating

11 February, 2013

Housing associations in Bristol are inviting their tenants to a 'Speed Dating for Houses' event, in an effort to confront the coming 'bedroom tax'

Tenants offered shopping vouchers for timely rent

05 February, 2013

A midlands housing association is offering shopping vouchers as an incentive to tenants to prepare for welfare reform

Newcastle landlord to visit 6,000 tenants hit by Government's 'bedroom tax'

04 February, 2013

Your Homes Newcastle is carrying out face-to-face interviews with more than 6,000 tenants facing significant income drops as a result of Welfare Reform

Under-occupation and the new policy framework

04 February, 2013

Report by the Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research

Personal Independence Payment forms

01 February, 2013

Examples of forms and guidance on filling them out, which DWP will send to claimants after they call the PIP claim line

Vulnerable residents mount High Court challenge to controversial council tax changes

31 January, 2013

Councils across the UK are facing High Court action after vulnerable residents launched legal action challenging controversial new council tax policies which they claim will "hit the poor hardest".

Housing association to create 1,000 apprenticeships for workless tenants

29 January, 2013

Radian is planning on creating 1,000 apprenticeships for its unemployed tenants

Set in place solid foundations - Then tackle the myriad of welfare reforms

28 January, 2013

LIN complimentary report for landlords

Tenants get £40 boost to open jam jar accounts

28 January, 2013

Walsall housing association is offering its tenants financial incentives to open up jam jar accounts

Hundreds get plugged into opportunities at employment fair

25 January, 2013

Organisations in Knowsley have worked together to help link people with employment and training opportunities in the borough

Apprentice Scheme Goes From Strength to Strength

25 January, 2013

South Tyneside Homes' apprenticeship scheme is proving popular as the programme is helping a great deal of youngsters onto the first rung of the employment ladder

landlords should get systems in place before Universal Credit

25 January, 2013

Here Claire Turner, director of LIN, argues that landlords should take steps to prepare for Universal Credit before payments are made direct to tenants

Landlord to cushion bedroom tax blow

25 January, 2013

A housing association plans to pay tenants the amount they will lose through the bedroom tax over three years as a lump sum cash incentive to downsize

Berkshire free school meals numbers on rise

22 January, 2013

The number of free school meals taken by children across Berkshire has risen by a third over two years, Department for Education figures reveal

Landlord's welfare reform video tailored by 20 other organisations

21 January, 2013

A YouTube welfare reform video produced by a housing association for its tenants has been tailored by 20 other organisations and raised £10k for a hospice

Social housing should build a future for our young people

21 January, 2013

Octavia Housing has launched an apprenticeship scheme only open to residents, fostering culture of aspiration on its estates

Landlord to host 'soap opera' about benefit changes

17 January, 2013

New Charter Homes is turning its offices into the venue for a 'soap opera' to help tell tenants about important changes to their welfare benefits

How housing staff can work to tackle child poverty in their communities

16 January, 2013

Thousands of children are struggling in poor families. Housing providers should not turn away from this tricky problem

Council offering landlords cash incentives to house homeless families

16 January, 2013

Hounslow Council has launched a new incentive for landlords to help local families at risk of becoming homeless

Universal Credit Calculator

15 January, 2013

Policy in Practice Universal Credit Calculator

The direct payment guinea pigs

11 January, 2013

Inside Housing examines the results of six pilot projects, which have been testing the new system since June, to find out what landlords can expect

Six steps to improve digital inclusion in 2013

10 January, 2013

Getting residents online is now more important than ever. Follow six simple stages to help this transition

Enterprise Clubs - support for self-employment

04 January, 2013

Enterprise Clubs - make the most of local knowledge and resources to help unemployed people in their communities set up as self-employed or start their own business

Work Clubs

04 January, 2013

Work Clubs - an initiative which aims to support the development of a network of locally led, community based support for the unemployed

Paying the housing element of Universal Credit direct to tenants in social rented housing

03 January, 2013

Briefing by the Libraries of the House of Commons and House of Lords and the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

50 ways to save: examples of sensible savings in local government

21 December, 2012

This document sets out 50 examples of sensible savings that councils could make and contains practical tips and guidance

Tenants handed computers in Christmas giveaway

21 December, 2012

Newlon Fusion, the community arm of Newlon Housing Trust is presenting tenants with computers and training as part of work to prepare for the impact of welfare reforms

Direct payment projects warn of creeping arrears

18 December, 2012

The creeping of arrears in the direct payment demonstration projects is further evidence landlords will need to provide a range of payment options

Housing provider's adviser army to prepare 1000s of tenants for welfare reform

17 December, 2012

A housing provider is sending out an army of advisers to inform its tenants about the Government's imminent welfare reforms

Demonstration projects have shown 'value of jam jars'

12 December, 2012

An MP says the demonstration projects trialling direct housing benefit payments to tenants have shown the value of jam jar budgeting accounts

Private tenants 'still in the dark' about Universal Credit

11 December, 2012

The majority of private tenants currently in receipt of benefits are either unaware (37%) or unsure (48%) about the implications of planned changes to the welfare system in the UK

18% of UK's private landlords do not have required insurance

10 December, 2012

Almost one in five of the UK's private landlords do not have the required insurance on their properties, new research has revealed

Direct payment to cost pilot landlord £8 million a year

07 December, 2012

The Department for Work and Pensions has insisted its plans for direct payment of benefit will proceed despite a landlord on a pilot project claiming the policy will cost it £8 million a year

Northern landlords buy lettings firms

07 December, 2012

Two northern housing associations will take on the management of 1,300 private homes after buying independent private lettings businesses this week

Quarter of tenants need help with universal credit

26 November, 2012

Around a quarter of social tenants will need support with the switch to universal credit if they are to avoid financial risk

Smart for all - Understanding consumer vulnerability during the experience of smart meter installation

22 November, 2012

National Energy Action (NEA) and Consumer Focus Report

Why social landlords should provide fully furnished properties

21 November, 2012

Tenants that can't afford the upfront costs of furnishing a home are falling victim to expensive rent-to-own schemes

Charity increasing ties with housing associations to get disadvantaged into work

20 November, 2012

A business-led charity is hoping to expand its relationship with the social housing sector as it looks to increase delivery of a successful employment scheme

Landlord partners with energy firm so tenants can see fuel use

20 November, 2012

Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing has partnered with an energy firm to allow tenants to see how much energy they're using in a bid to reduce monthly bills

Carbon Monoxide Awareness week

20 November, 2012

As part of Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, the National Landlords Association is reminding all landlords of the dangers of carbon monoxide and to check their appliances as winter draws in

Social tenants' finances and vulnerability to direct payments

20 November, 2012

NHF report which identifies those who will struggle with move to Universal Credit

HA's employment scheme sees 54 into work in 6 months

16 November, 2012

New Charter Homes' employment scheme has got 54 people into paid work in six months

How social landlords can take the lead on enabling broadband connectivity

15 November, 2012

Research recently found that just under half of those living in social housing have no access to the internet

Plan to fit 'super-fast broadband' to London council flats

13 November, 2012

Wandsworth Council is considering options to give council tenants access to fibre optic broadband

Top tips: how to improve tenant communication

13 November, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion on how to engage tenants and residents

Communications for smaller housing associations

09 November, 2012

New NHF guide illustrates how smaller housing associations can communicate effectively, whatever their resources

Knock, knock

09 November, 2012

Who's there? This is the question Aspire Housing is asking tenants during visits to their homes to find out who will be hit by the bedroom tax next April

Direct payment tenants taken to court

08 November, 2012

One of the HA's involved in the Government's direct payment demonstration projects has warned social landlords to get strict with their arrears policy ahead of UC

Should social tenants receive free broadband access?

08 November, 2012

Jake Berry has called on government to provide free broadband for social housing residents. Do you support the proposal?

£5.67: the value of £1 spent on confidence and skills for tenants

08 November, 2012

With the Social Value Act coming into force next year, housing associations are fighting to prove their financial worth

Six tips for landlords to reduce void rental periods

07 November, 2012

Welfare reform will lead to repossessions and properties being abandoned by tenants. Here's how to get it back into use quickly

The cost of running a home

06 November, 2012

A guide from Wolverhampton Homes which aims to give an idea of those costs that tenants will have to budget for when running their own home

Top tips: helping residents find employment

06 November, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion on why and how housing providers should help tenants to find work

Why we should provide social housing tenants with free broadband

06 November, 2012

It's not a vote-winner and it won't make me popular, but social tenants need free internet access

Direct payment to landlord scheme has cut private rents, says Freud

05 November, 2012

A temporary scheme to enable private landlords to receive direct housing benefit payments in return for dropping rents has been a success, welfare reform minister Lord Freud has said

PDF: Lost benefits - An article from February 2004

05 November, 2012

Disturbing results from a trial of direct housing benefit payments mean the government should think long and hard before applying the reform to the social sector

Bedroom Tax Guidance

05 November, 2012

CIH Scotland - This practice guidance is aimed primarily at Scottish social landlords - i.e. local authority landlords and registered social landlords

Evaluation of the Direct Payment Demonstration Projects- Emerging Learning

02 November, 2012

This is the second report in this series

Landlords plan bank account

02 November, 2012

A group of Greater Manchester landlords is working with local credit unions to set up a new type of bank account to help thousands of tenants who could be made worse off by welfare reform

DWP holds back data on direct payment pilots

30 October, 2012

The Department for Work and Pensions has insisted tenants are ready to manage their own money but is not yet releasing data from its direct payment pilot projects

IDS plans 'two-child' family benefit cap

26 October, 2012

Families claiming child-related benefits may find the amount they are entitled to capped at two children, the work and pensions secretary said today

Doubts cast on green deal cash back scheme

25 October, 2012

Construction groups have questioned whether £125 million of cashback payments will be sufficient to encourage take up of the green deal energy efficiency scheme

What housing providers can learn from the Tesco Clubcard

25 October, 2012

Most social landlords know very little about their tenants, but collecting the right data can improve housing services

Housing benefit limit only for future claimants

22 October, 2012

Plans to end housing benefit for under-25s would only apply to new claimants, the Department for Work and Pensions has said

Top tips: managing housing and migration

22 October, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion on housing and migration

Minister's domestic abuse warning about welfare reforms

19 October, 2012

Welfare reforms could make it harder for female victims of domestic abuse to leave violent partners, according to Welsh government minister

Universal Jobmatch

15 October, 2012

Universal Jobmatch launches on 19 November 2012. This is DWP's new, free online job posting and matching service

Green Deal Quick Guides

15 October, 2012

Quick guides on the Green Deal are available for householders, owners, tenants and landlords

Universal Credit: The benefit cut for workers that has 'escaped notice'

15 October, 2012

A Labour MP has hit out at plans to dock the benefits of workers under Universal Credit which he says has almost "escaped notice".

PM confirms age limit plan for housing benefit

10 October, 2012

David Cameron has confirmed the government will look to end automatic housing benefit for under 25-year-olds

British Gas and Shelter launch 'Decent Homes' for private rented sector

10 October, 2012

Shelter and British Gas have launched an ambitious partnership to improve the standard of one million homes in a kind of Decent Homes programme for the private rented sector

Top tips: managing the latest round of right-to-buy

09 October, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion on how to handle the new right-to-buy

Benefit pilot avoids arrears

08 October, 2012

A Scottish housing association claims to have so far avoided arrears in its universal credit direct payment pilot by not insisting on direct debits

Housing association steps up interventions on direct payment project

03 October, 2012

One of the HA's involved in the Government's direct payment demonstration projects says more interventions are being taken to collect unpaid rent

Top tips: the future of housing finance

01 October, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion on the challenges of housing finance

Green Deal explained - video

01 October, 2012

A short animated video offering a clear and concise explanation of the UK Government-backed Green Deal

Universal Credit could exclude people without Internet access

01 October, 2012

People with little or no IT skills could have difficulty applying for the UK Government's new Universal Credit

Quids in: The impact of financial skills training for social housing tenants

01 October, 2012

Personal Finance Research Centre University of Bristol

Landlords in talks to give tenants free internet

28 September, 2012

Social landlords are in talks with internet service providers in a bid to arrange free online access for tenants ahead of the introduction of the universal credit

How to - Help tenants manage their money

27 September, 2012

CIH guide for housing staff

Housing Benefit size criteria in the social rented sector

25 September, 2012

New factsheets and posters to help local authorities communicate the Housing Benefit size criteria change to Housing Benefit claimants

Top tips: managing temporary accommodation

24 September, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion on how housing associations can improve temporary accommodation

Top tips: managing community planning

24 September, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion on how what barriers have councils and communities encountered while implementing the government's vision for planning

Shelter calls for five-year rental contracts

21 September, 2012

Housing charity says a 'stable rental contract' would allow tenants to put down roots and give landlords more certainty

Advice for university landlords and top tips for students

20 September, 2012

A reminder for university landlords to protect their tenants' deposits as students embark on the new academic year

Flexible tenure: the key to sustainable communities?

20 September, 2012

How one housing association is developing a business model that allows landlords to quickly adapt to residents' changing circumstances

Homeowners offered grants to house social tenants

19 September, 2012

Cherwell DC is offering owners of empty homes grants of up to £15k to renovate their houses in exchange for allowing the properties to be temporarily used as social housing

Tackling the poverty premium in social housing

17 September, 2012

A Big Lottery Fund scheme is helping landlords to provide financial advice for tenants to help stop a spiral of debt and evictions

The 'rentysomethings' putting the fizz into rental property

17 September, 2012

Tempting 25-35-year-olds into a state-of-the-art rental property is big business

Top tips: improving digital inclusion

17 September, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion on how housing can get residents online

Warm Front Changes Eligibility

13 September, 2012

The eligibility for Warm Front has now changed with additional benefits being added

LIN Member Report September 2012 - Case Study - Helping Landlords to prepare for Welfare Reform

13 September, 2012

This LIN member report is written by Claire Turner and Peter Hall

Housing associations talking to DWP over 'benefit verifier' role

10 September, 2012

Places for People and several other large housing associations have been in talks with the DWP about joint-working initiatives to smooth the roll-out of UC next year

Top tips: housing and the economy

10 September, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion around what role housing can play in the nation's economic recovery?

Get yourself connected

10 September, 2012

Bromford Group has launched a social networking site to help its tenants access training and jobs

Top tips: housing and the economy

08 September, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion on what role can housing play in the nation's economic recovery

App launched to end deposit disputes

04 September, 2012

A homelessness charity in Scotland has launched a smartphone application developed to end deposit disputes between tenants and landlords

Advice on dealing with squatters in your home

04 September, 2012

This publication is aimed at informing property owners about the new offence and the procedures for regaining possession of their properties from squatters

Dealing with Rogue Landlords - A Guide for Local Authorities

03 September, 2012

This guidance urges local authorities to crack down on rogue landlords and provides them with practical advice for doing so.

Reader's response: questioning the reward society

24 August, 2012

Rewards have failed to instigate behavioural change in the banking sector, so why should social housing be any different?

Lottery funding to help tenants manage finances

22 August, 2012

Nearly £32 million of lottery funding has been allocated to 37 projects to help social housing tenants improve their financial management

Publicising discretionary hardship fund criticised

17 August, 2012

A call on councils to more aggressively promote a hardship fund by the Department for Work and Pensions has been criticised

Feeling the strain - DHPs

17 August, 2012

An in-depth look at the system of Discretionary Housing Payments by Keith Cooper, Inside Housing

DWP opportunities for local partnership working

16 August, 2012

DWP aspire to join up public services such as health, housing, transport, employment and skills to help local people back into work

Landlord urges tenants to use 'jam jar' accounts

15 August, 2012

A west midlands landlord is encouraging tenants to set up 'jam jar' accounts with a local credit union to help them manage their finances once welfare reforms come into force

LIN Member Report August 2012 - Welfare Reform Case Study - Vela Group

13 August, 2012

This LIN member report is written by Claire Turner, Lynn McPartlin and Anthony Scarre.

Bedroom tax offer for training tenants

10 August, 2012

Liverpool Mutual Homes is planning to pay the bedroom tax for tenants who complete training programmes or voluntary activities on its estates

LIN Press release - Evaluation of the Direct Payment Demonstration Projects

09 August, 2012

Evaluation of the Direct Payment Demonstration Projects- Emerging Learning

No right to remain

08 August, 2012

In the case of Birmingham Council v Lloyd, the Court of Appeal has reassured housing providers that only in exceptional circumstances can a trespasser win the ability to stay

Millions still available for social landlords to make homes warmer

08 August, 2012

Funding to get low carbon heating into the homes of hundreds of social housing tenants is still up for grabs for LA's, HA's and other registered providers of social housing

Spot checks for council house tenants in mid Devon

06 August, 2012

Council house tenants in one Devon authority could face unannounced checks on their homes

Work Clubs

03 August, 2012

This is a link to resources to help you set up and run or support a Work Club in your area

Tenants get mobile rent payment app

03 August, 2012

Raglan housing association has introduced a smartphone rent payment application for tenants on the move

DHPs - Public Consultation

02 August, 2012

Consultation seeking views on the Discretionary Housing Payments guidance manual. Consultation closing date 31.8.12

Getting tenants online: housing officers as digital champions

02 August, 2012

There is a serious lack of personal digital skills in the UK and we need a new kind of housing officer who can train tenants

LIN Press release - DWP model documents

01 August, 2012

Support for Housing Benefit claimants to meet any rent shortfall - model documents

London borough launches 'radical' 'Housing into Work' pilot

01 August, 2012

An LA is piloting a scheme that will see young unemployed people on its waiting list offered council homes on 2 year fixed-term tenancies

Broadband service to help Scunthorpe tenants get online

01 August, 2012

A superfast broadband scheme is due to be rolled out to social housing tenants in North Lincolnshire to encourage them to access the internet

A quick guide to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for support organisations and advisers

01 August, 2012

DLA will be replaced by PIP for people of working age from 8 April 2013, even if they have an indefinite or lifetime award

Top tips: regeneration and the Olympic legacy for London

30 July, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion on regeneration and the Olympic Games

Jargon warning after 40 different households ignore same benefit cut letter

10 July, 2012

Lambeth councillor warns social landlords to carefully consider communications to tenants around welfare reform after 40 households ignore benefit cut letter

Landlord part-funding housing benefit officer

06 July, 2012

Trident Group is part-funding a member of the HB team in Birmingham CC in a bid to support residents and ensure claims are handled as efficiently as possible

How to - Reduce underoccupation

06 July, 2012

CIH good practice Guide

Top tips: how can housing staff help prevent homelessness?

02 July, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion on housing's role in the prevention of homelessness

Housing Association and Welfare Rights Best Practice Guide

01 July, 2012

Scottish Federation Of Housing Association publication

Top tips: regulating the private rented sector

25 June, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion on regulation for private landlords

Top tips: Preparing for Universal Credit

06 June, 2012

Advice on how social housing can prepare for the government's new welfare system

Benefit cap

06 June, 2012

DWP on-line Benefit Cap Calculator

New phone app keeps tenants plugged in on the move

31 May, 2012

Knowsley Housing Trust is breaking new ground in the way it communicates with its tenants with the development of a mobile phone app

Top tips: tackling antisocial behaviour

21 May, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion on how housing providers can deal with antisocial behaviour

Top tips: social housing regulation

09 May, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion on changes to the regulation of social housing

The seven reasons why landlords won't let to tenants on benefits

02 May, 2012

Private sector landlords are accused of unfairly turning away households claiming housing benefit. So why do they refuse

Housing association's guide to Work Programme success

30 April, 2012

The Government's £5bn Work Programme has received mixed reviews from the housing associations and charities involved, but Bromford Housing Group believes it can be a success

How to demonstrate value for money in social housing

12 April, 2012

One Vision Housing recommends giving staff and tenants a role in scrutinising value for public money

How to consider new approaches to allocations and lettings

12 April, 2012

CIH briefing - guidance on core areas of housing management helping overcome the challenges associated with putting current policy changes into practice

Top tips: is the NPPF the answer to the housing crisis?

11 April, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion about the National Planning Policy Framework

Top tips: how will the budget affect housing?

02 April, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion about the effect the budget will have on the housing sector

The 10 lessons we've learned from meeting rural housing need

16 March, 2012

To mark Rural Housing Week, Warwickshire Rural Housing Association shares its top tips on how to meet local demands

Top tips: how can housing help to manage dementia?

02 March, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion about how housing can help support residents with dementia

Working with the private rented sector to tackle youth homelessness

02 March, 2012

Crisis' publication identifies effective ways in which agencies support young homeless or vulnerably housed people to access and sustain PRS accommodation

Guidance for landlords

01 March, 2012

Electrical Safety Council (ESC) guidance for landlords outlines the simple steps landlords can take to ensure the electrical safety of their properties

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit Good Practice Guide

01 March, 2012

DWP Good Practice Guide

How to find a Good Landlord

29 February, 2012

The NLA has compiled a list of the top things a tenant should look for when they are searching for the ideal landlord

Top tips: how to use social media in the housing sector

24 February, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion about developing your social media strategy to engage tenants, build communities, and more

Top tips: after affordable rent

09 February, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion about what comes after affordable rent

Top 10 tips Toolkit - Added Value Marketing

30 January, 2012

Marketing top tips for housing organisations from the Word Association

Top tips: how should councils work with private landlords?

20 January, 2012

Comments from the Guardians discussion about how councils should work with private landlords

Top tips: housing strategy

03 December, 2011

Comments from the Guardians discussion about the housing strategy

Top tips: managing cuts to Supporting People funding

12 November, 2011

Comments from the Guardians discussion about Supporting People funding

Top tips: how to solve the problem of under-occupation

05 November, 2011

Comments from the Guardians discussion about about how to solve the problem of under-occupation

Top tips: right-to-buy

29 October, 2011

Comments from the Guardians discussion about reviving right-to-buy

Top tips: the financial impact of welfare reform

10 September, 2011

What impact will the government's welfare reforms have on local government finance?

Top tips for landlords: Assured shorthold tenancies

03 September, 2011

These tips are for landlords who have let or who intend to let a property on an assured shorthold tenancy

Top tips for tenants: Assured shorthold tenancies

03 September, 2011

These tips are for people who are or who are thinking of becoming an assured shorthold tenant

Fact sheet: Gaining possession of a privately rented property let on an assured shorthold tenancy

03 September, 2011

This fact sheet has been prepared for landlords who wish to gain possession of a privately rented property let on an assured shorthold tenancy

Landlords 'refusing to take people under 34' ahead of housing benefit cuts

13 July, 2011

The chief executive of homelessness charity Thames Reach says private landlords are already refusing to take people under the age of 34

Top tips for private tenants

13 July, 2011

CAB guide for private tenants living in poor housing conditions

Government to close squatters' legal aid loophole

29 June, 2011

Squatters will no longer get legal aid to fight home owners trying to evict them from their properties, under proposals set out in the Sentencing, Legal Aid and Punishment of Offenders Bill

Direct payment of Housing Benefit to a landlord April 2011

24 May, 2011

New Guidance on Direct Payments where the Landlord is prepared to reduce the rent

Top tips: Tax Credit renewal forms

24 May, 2011

Tips for tenants filling out Tax Credit renewal forms

Access to DWP Services

01 March, 2011

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is responsible for welfare and pension policy and is a key player in tackling child poverty.

Attendance Allowance (AA) Hints and Tips

01 March, 2011

AA is a tax-free benefit for people aged 65 or over who need someone to help look after them because they are physically or mentally disabled

Carers Allowance and Carers Credit

01 March, 2011

CA is a taxable benefit for people who are looking after or supporting a friend, relative or neighbour, for 35hours a week or more

How to access benefits via Directgov

01 March, 2011

Directgov is the Government’s main, on-line and preferred method of providing information and guidance.

State Pension and Pension Credit

01 March, 2011

The SP is a regular payment people can claim when they get to SP age. Most people build up some SP, but the amount they get varies.

How to access DWP forms and leaflets

01 March, 2011

The DWP are working towards making more applications available on line.

Preparing customers for contact with DWP

01 March, 2011

Visit Directgov and use the Benefit Advisor to check which benefits the customer may be entitled to and obtain estimates of benefits, tax credits or pensions.

Face to face services

01 March, 2011

Teleclaims service

01 March, 2011

Claims for State Pension (SP) and Pension Credit (PC) can be made using the dedicated teleclaim service.

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Hints and Tips

01 March, 2011

DLA is a tax-free benefit for disabled children and adults under age 65. It is an “in work” benefit, and is not affected by income or savings.

Working with Partnership Managers

01 March, 2011

To establish partnerships which are beneficial to our shared customers and our respective organisations.

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