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"The Welfare Reforms workshop is extremely beneficial for staff, tenants and board members in ensuring organisations can pro-actively prepare to minimise the negative financial impact of these major reforms, on future income received from Housing Benefit and on arrears. "

Maria Murphy,
CEX, Derby Homes

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Universal Credit Training - Full Day Training course

  • Does the majority of your business's income come from Housing related benefits?
  • What impact will the introduction of Universal Credit have on this income stream?
  • Keep ahead of the game by ensuring staff have the knowledge to maximize this income stream.

Since the introduction of Universal Credit in the pathfinder areas from April 2013 there have been many demonstration projects and various trials around the country plus ever changing legislation. Our course update is a full day, interactive, in-house workshop that will give your staff up to date in-depth information on Universal Credit changes. Our course looks from both a landord's and tenants perspective at how Universal Credit is intended to work as well as how it is actually working for front line staff on the ground including the changes that have been introduced and further possible changes on the back of the latest Universal Support Delivered Locally trials that are currently coming to an end.

The aim of the workshop is to maximise income for both landlords and tenants whilst minimising arrears. The workshop is constantly updated to take account of the changes to Universal Credit as it develops.

People who will benefit greatly from attending this course are:

  • All staff and managers involved in rent arrears and income management
  • Housing Allocation Officers
  • Housing Officers
  • Homelessness Officers
  • Housing Advice Centre Officers
  • Voluntary and Charitable Groups dealing with homelessness and resettlement
  • Private Landlords
  • Tenants
  • Board members
  • Councillors
  • Welfare Benefit Advisors


What will they learn:

  • The changing timetable for change
  • How it is being administered
  • Background to the scheme and the result of the pilots, pathfinders and demonstration projects
  • Who can claim and how to claim
  • Which benefits it will replace and the impact of this
  • The importance of changing tenant profiling
  • Direct payments to landlords
  • Backdating rules
  • Calculating income/capital and self-employed earners
  • Temporary absence
  • The elements that make up Universal Credit
  • The housing element of Universal Credit - and how to assist customers with this
  • Payment periods and sanctions
  • How to maximise income and minimise arrears

If you want to maximise your income and improve recovery rates then this course is for YOU!

If you are interested in accessing this training package please contact Claire Turner Director of the Landlord Information Network, to discuss bespoke training on T: 01246 413791 or E:



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LIN trainer Rebecca Wilkie has 14 years experience, 7 of which are at a senior level delivering all aspects of Housing Management at both operational and strategic levels improving and reshaping services.  She has, working as part of a management team, taken an ALMO from zero stars in 2005 to three stars from the Audit Commission in 2010. 

She has extensive experience in writing, consulting on and implementing policies, procedures and strategies and has worked as part of a small team developing and delivering training and briefings to well over 500 members of staff, partners and customers as well as leading consultation sessions. 

Rebecca has worked to transform services and implemented new initiatives including introducing new structures and IT systems.  With the responsibility for Financial Inclusion, working with staff and partners, she has been able to ensure that arrears and legal actions are kept to a minimum with evictions reducing year on year for the past five years. 

Rebecca offers a wealth of experience in training having an informal and inclusive style that engenders trust and openness within groups.


If you are interested in accessing this training package please contact Claire Turner Director of the Landlord Information Network, to discuss bespoke training on T: 01246 413791 or E:  

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