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"The Welfare Reforms workshop is extremely beneficial for staff, tenants and board members in ensuring organisations can pro-actively prepare to minimise the negative financial impact of these major reforms, on future income received from Housing Benefit and on arrears. "

Maria Murphy,
CEX, Derby Homes

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Stress Awareness - How to minimise stress caused by Welfare Reform

Would you like to:

  • Understand why you get stressed?
  • Know what the likely triggers and causes of stress are?
  • Appreciate the effect stress has on you, both physically and mentally?
  • Obtain some simple techniques to help you combat and reduce stress?


Stress is widely recognised as both an illness in its own right and a symptom of the lifestyle the majority of individuals feel compelled to follow. Significant numbers of people are experiencing stress in either their working or personal lives. Obviously our lives are not neatly compartmentalised so stress in any area of our life will impact all other areas.

The numbers vary, but it is widely acknowledged that stress has an adverse effect on both individuals and organisations, with depression and anxiety being the most common stress related ailments seen by GPs, affecting approximately 20% of the UK working population. 1 in 7 people in the UK say they find their work either very or extremely stressful and the effects of Welfare Reform mean that this figure will increase, in the housing world. 

This 1 day, interactive course will help you and your staff understand the effects stress has on the body and mind, in addition to understanding the common triggers and causes that give rise to what we commonly term "stress"

Prevention is always preferable to cure, so the workshop will enable you to detect early signs of stress in yourself and others. In addition, the course will give you a number of easy to use techniques that will enable you to reduce the effects of stress and minimise the impact of potential stressful situations. 


People who will benefit greatly from attending this course are:

  • Individuals in a leadership or management capacity where individuals may potentially suffer from stress, or there is a wish to improve the physical and emotional health of individuals.
  • Teams wishing to reduce stress and work more productively, efficiently and effectively
  • Anyone wishing to understand more about stress and gain some simple techniques to minimise the effects of stress 


What will they learn:

  • What stress is (and isn’t)
  • The causes of stress
  • The effects of stress, both on the individual and the organisation
  • Different types of stress e.g. pressure vs stress
  • Dealing with symptoms and root causes of stress
  • Some simple techniques to help reduce and minimise stress

If you are interested in accessing this training package please contact Claire Turner Director of the Landlord Information Network, to discuss bespoke training on T: 01246 413791 or E:


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LIN trainer Kevin McCready spent 7 years in scientific research (microbial biochemistry) before acquiring 30+ years experience in IT within a large financial organisation.  During that time Kevin migrated from the role of computer analyst and coder to leading and managing teams within the IT operations environment. For the last 5 years he has developed a training and coaching role, designing, creating and delivering a variety of personal skills workshops and training. To support that role Kevin has studied NLP to Master Practitioner status and is a member of the International NLP Trainers Association.


If you are interested in accessing this training package please contact Claire Turner Director of the Landlord Information Network, to discuss bespoke training on T: 01246 413791 or E: 

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