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"The Welfare Reforms workshop is extremely beneficial for staff, tenants and board members in ensuring organisations can pro-actively prepare to minimise the negative financial impact of these major reforms, on future income received from Housing Benefit and on arrears. "

Maria Murphy,
CEX, Derby Homes

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Risk Assessment and Company Policies

Would you like to:

  • Appreciate the effect conflict has on you, both physically and mentally?
  • Understand the implications for staff, managers and organisations?
  • Get assistance in producing appropriate conflict management procedures?
  • Know what the likely triggers and causes of conflict are?
  • Obtain some simple techniques to help you become more resilient and defuse potential conflict situations?

Where policies and procedures are not in place, assistance can be provided to produce and incorporate comprehensive Violence and Aggression and Post Incident Policies. The intention is firstly to safeguard your employees and secondly to protect the interests of the company and minimise the likelihood of litigation following stressful or violent occurrences. It is also very useful to have a post-incident Policy in place to cater for the management of the scene of an occurrence and also the after-care of your employees, whether they be shocked, injured, hospitalised, or even arrested. A robust reporting system is vital in minimising future risks, and ensuring police involvement where appropriate.

Lack of reporting, or encouragement to do so, can imperil employees in future encounters with an individual or group when the likelihood of an escalation of abuse or violence increases when the organisation is perceived not to have acted following previous incidents. Knowing how to distinguish between physical and non-physical abuse is important as well as understanding that we all view life differently.  We are not all as robust as each other, and so what does not concern one individual may deeply upset or traumatise another.

This 1 day, (optionally 2 day) interactive, in-house workshop will give you and your staff an introduction to Conflict Management, focusing on Risk Assessment and Company Procedures. It will help you understand both the causes and effects of conflict and the potential impact on staff, managers and the organisation. In addition it will cover the legal obligations of organisations, managers and staff with reference to the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Corporate Manslaughter & Homicide Act 2007, and other Statutory Instruments. The course will also cover a number of simple techniques to enable you to recognise conflict before it escalates and ensure that conflict doesn’t arise and useful techniques to employ should conflict arise when dealing with customers and other techniques to increase personal resilience.


People who will benefit greatly from attending this course are:

  • Individuals in a leadership or management capacity who have a responsibility for staff and organisational welfare
  • Individuals in a leadership or management capacity where individuals may potentially be exposed to conflict situations
  • Individuals who routinely deal with customers or clients, especially where conflict can arise
  • Anyone wishing to understand more about resilience and gain some simple techniques to become more resilient


What will they learn:

  • The causes and effects of conflict
  • The legal (and moral) obligations towards all staff
  • Appropriate levels of procedures for Conflict Management
  • Conflict avoidance and defusing techniques

If you are interested in accessing this training package please contact Claire Turner Director of the Landlord Information Network, to discuss bespoke training on T: 01246 413791 or E:


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LIN trainer Duncan Page is an associate trainer for Landlord Information Network in addition to being both a freelance trainer and Operations Director of Niton Training Limited. He works with clients who have responsibilities in security and enforcement, developing and delivering quality assured bespoke courses to enhance personal safety and the management and reduction of violence and aggression. He also has 30 years experience in the police service, mostly spent as a specialist firearms team supervisor and counter-terrorist and explosives detection. He is also a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a coach and a member of The Institute of Conflict Management.

LIN trainer Kevin McCready spent 7 years in scientific research (microbial biochemistry) before acquiring 30+ years experience in IT within a large financial organisation.  During that time Kevin migrated from the role of computer analyst and coder to leading and managing teams within the IT operations environment. For the last 5 years he has developed a training and coaching role, designing, creating and delivering a variety of personal skills workshops and training. To support that role Kevin has studied NLP to Master Practitioner status and is a member of the International NLP Trainers Association.


If you are interested in accessing this training package please contact Claire Turner Director of the Landlord Information Network, to discuss bespoke training on T: 01246 413791 or E:


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