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Welcome to Landlord Information Network

The Landlord Information Network is a unique and exciting best practice network that works with both social and private rented sector landlords and managing/letting agents in order to improve their knowledge, skills and expertise in the areas of Housing and Welfare Benefits, which, in turn, will minimise rent arrears caused through Housing Benefit problems. The network tracks the changes to the benefits system and will analyse the impact on landlords rental income, looking, from a landlords perspective, at how to minimise the impact of each change.

Latest statistics from the English Housing Survey show that:-

  • In 2010-11, 7.4 million households in England rented their accommodation
  • Around 3.8 million of these households were social renters and 3.6 million were private renters which represents a substantial growth in the private rented sector over the past decade
  • The average weekly rent in 2010-11 was £160 for private renters, compared with £79 for social renters
  • 4.92 million people claim housing benefit - with 63% of social sector tenants and 25% of private sector tenants receiving Housing Benefit
  • The average Housing Benefit award is £87.03. 

New research by the Building and Social Housing Foundation suggests that if housing market trends continue, the UK Private Rented Sector will be bigger than the social rented sector by 2013, and by the end of the decade up to one in five UK households could be private renters.

The Landlord Information Network works with both social and private rented sector landlords and managing/letting agents to enable them to support their tenants to ensure that they receive their correct benefit entitlements and therefore successfully sustain a long and stress free tenancy. Click here for more information on member benefits and details of how to join.

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